Third Eye Blind and Twin Pines Show Their Love for their Filipino Fans

Still can’t get over your In The Mix experience? We’ve got you covered with more interviews from the boys of Twin Pines and Third Eye Blind! Here’s what the two bands think about their Filipino fans.


Twin Pines exclaimed, “Just meeting them is [crazy].” They even describe their Filipino fans as being very “passionate.” The trio, comprised of Barry Morrell, Callum McConville, and Graham Brown, also revealed that they are fans themselves of their co-acts for In the Mix, The 1975 and James Bay.


Third Eye Blind also talked about their fan encounter during their stay in Manila. They gushed, “we met a few at the hotel, and they all seem super nice,” They even exclaimed, “they love giving hugs!” The boys also talked about their how much they interact with their fans online. “A fair amount. We try to interact with our fans online as much as possible,” the band shared.


Alex LeCavalier, who visited the country just last week even talked about his Palawan experience. He narrated, “It was fun, it was really beautiful down there. In the countryside, [we] got to swim around the waterfalls. The beach down there is beautiful. I wanted to take the boat tour, but I didn’t get to, but I do want to go back.” (We’d be happy to see you back! Try surfing, too!)

Alex also recounted his Las Vegas days where he got to meet a few Filipino musicians. “I grew up in Las Vegas playing with some Filipino musicians, cover bands and stuff,” he said.


The band also talked about which song they could identify with on a personal level. “I think maybe I like that song, Back to Zero. You know, when a relationship ends, and you just kinda want to revert back to finding something about yourself, and not being with somebody else, you just kind of start over.”


Third Eye Blind and Twin Pines just performed alongside The 1975, Panic! at the Disco, Elle King, and  James Bay last August 18 at the Mall of Asia Arena. And we’re missing them already! Can’t wait to see them again live. Hoping they each would go back for a solo concert!

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