These Healthy “Junk Food” Will Help Jumpstart Your Healthy Lifestyle!

I’ll be honest. It is terribly difficult for me to eat healthily. My friends know how much I love eating not-so-healthy food and how much I dislike anything healthy. We always joke about how I’m allergic to all things healthy. Of course, that doesn’t mean that I don’t actually try to have a healthier lifestyle. I do, but a lot of times I just fall back into eating unhealthy junk food.

So imagine the joy when I discovered Honest Junk, a local food brand that’s all about healthy snacks! Their tagline is actually perfect for what it offers: “The right kind of wrong.”

Honest Junk 2Honest Junk–the right kind of wrong

Honest Junk was started by a mom of two and CEO of Plana Forma fitness studio, Tina Lagdameo, and PR professional and entrepreneur Celine-Gabriel Lim.

It all started when they realized how the readily available healthy food options were usually “less fun” and quite expensive. So, they came up with Honest Junk to provide everyone with best (and fun!) options at affordable prices.

Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want snacks that are both super tasty and genuinely healthy?

Honest Junk offers three types of healthy snacks:

3. Cheese Barks

Honest Junk 4Cheese Barks

These are thin and crisp cheese crackers that are made from real farmhouse fresh cheese from Malagos Farmhouse in Mindanao. That’s right, these are made from real farmhouse cheese, and you can definitely taste it!

It’s great to munch on while you’re studying or working because its crispiness will keep you awake, and its tasty flavor will legit keep you reaching for more.

Honest Junk’s Cheese Barks are gluten-free, nut-free, and sugar-free! You can also choose from the original flavor or the one with turmeric.

2. Zooper Cookies

Honest Junk 7Zooper Cookies

Here’s a great way to get kids to eat healthy (and by “kids” I actually meant that it includes me). Honest Junk has ~zooper~ tasty vegan cookies that honestly taste a whole lot better than the cookies you buy from groceries. It’s just a huge plus that these are healthy cookies.

The Zooper Cookies are dairy-free, nut-free, gluten-free, with zero refined sugar, and are a hundred percent vegan! Plus, the different “flavors” are also infused with superfoods such as malunggay, green tea, and chia seeds.

The coco chip and cinnamon flavors are must-try flavors!

1. Super Gummies

Honest Junk 3Super Gummies

I truly and definitely ~loved~ this product from Honest Junk. These are gummy bears that are healthy! Healthy. Gummy bears. Isn’t that just the best thing in the world?!

Honest Junk’s Super Gummies are made with natural fruit juice and contains a high dose of Vitamin C. You can actually taste the fruit juice!

It’s really good, and those gummy bears that you buy in candy stores aren’t even on the same level of tastiness as these Super Gummies.

I specifically loved the pink guava strawberry flavor!

Honest Junk 5

Honest Junk was honestly my first step towards a (hopefully) healthier lifestyle. It is life changing. Because healthy junk food! Definitely the best of both worlds.

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It’s great for everybody! From kids who have a hard time eating healthier options to adults who want to live a healthier lifestyle but can’t let go of the tasty munchies. Really though, I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t pick up your phone right now and order a snack from Honest Junk!

Honest Junk 1

Honest Junk