These are the 5 Must-Try Matcha Desserts at Tsujiri Cafe!

5 Must Try Matcha Desserts at Tsujiri Cafe!

Matcha is a unique flavor that has acquired a warm welcome here in the Philippines. We Filipinos have learned to love many treats infused with matcha—candy bars, frappuccinos, cakes, and many more! I, for one, have always felt excited when I get even a tiny bite of a matcha dessert. It makes me feel like I’m getting a taste of what it’s like to be in Japan.

BUT WAIT. What if I told you that you don’t need to go all the way to another country just to taste high grade matcha? What if I told you that you can now eat one of the best matcha in the world here in the Philippines?

I’m not bluffing because Tsujiri Philippines, a matcha-inspired cafe, has just opened here in Manila and it’s definitely the new hotspot you should visit for cool concept desserts!

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So what do you need to try at Tsujiri?

5. Tsujiri Lava Cake

5 Must Try Matcha Desserts at Tsujiri Cafe!

This dessert is definitely the first on my list of must-trys! If you’re a fan of a la mode or warm fudgey fillings, this is a sure pick for you. The Tsujiri Lava cake is not your usual chocolate filled lava cake because the center is packed with oozing warm melted matcha cream inside a soft cake. This one is probably the restaurant’s most popular dessert because it’s not just delicious, the explosion of the matcha lava is actually pretty eyegasmic!

4. Choux Creme

5 Must Try Matcha Desserts at Tsujiri Cafe!

The Choux Creme is a creme puff inspired pastry. I would liken it to an ice cream sandwich. It has two cookie crusts that are crunchy with a soft center. Sitting on top of one of the cookie crusts is the signature Matcha softserve ice cream of Tsujiri. The combination of crunch and softcream creates an incredible sensation in your mouth!

3. Tsujiri Sundae

5 Must Try Matcha Desserts at Tsujiri Cafe!

The Tsujiri Sundae is a go-to dessert because you probably can’t go wrong with it! It’s a combination of all things Japan—matcha, mochi, and soft serve ice cream. This dessert is a bestseller across the globe. All of its ingredients are traditional Japanese Sweets. It has roasted brown rice, red bean paste, chestnuts, shiratama (mochi), and to top it off, a flower shaped sakura monaka (rice cracker). Get your phones out because this one is definitely an instagram-worthy dessert!

2. Citronne Matcha Cake

5 Must Try Matcha Desserts at Tsujiri Cafe!

Calling out all adventure seekers because this dessert is a little bit out of the box. Have you ever wondered how matcha with a citrusy zest would taste like? It actually tastes pretty darn GOOD! The citronne matcha cake may look like an ordinary sponge cake. However, the first bite will make you feel guilty for underestimating it. The light airy matcha cake topped with a bright citrus glaze surprisingly complemented each other well. My tastebuds were clapping!

1. O-Matcha (ceremony grade matcha)

5 Must Try Matcha Desserts at Tsujiri Cafe!

For the hardcore matcha lovers, O-matcha should be on your list. Don’t think for a second that Tsujiri doesn’t have a great line-up of drinks. O-matcha is another bestseller because it uses one of the highest quality of matcha in the world. It is usually served hot or cold. However, I got mine hot because I needed a little kick to start my morning and it surely woke up my senses.

Fun fact: A common misconception about matcha is that it’s bitter in taste. In reality, only low grade matcha is bitter. Ceremony grade (highest grade) has a rich savory taste with just a mildly salty aftertaste. This drink opens your eyes to what matcha in its purest form tastes like.

5 Must Try Matcha Desserts at Tsujiri Cafe!

There are so many other desserts to choose from at Tsujiri. I didn’t even get to try all of it yet! If you’re looking for a cool new cafe to try in the city, head on over to S, Maison at Conrad Manila and get some of the #MATCHAwaited desserts above. You won’t regret it!

Tsujiri Philippines
S’Maison 2nd Floor, Pasay City, Philippines