These 9 TV Shows Are Making a Comeback!

We all had our favorite TV shows growing up. However, many of them have finished, been canceled, or become so boring that we stopped watching it altogether. Don’t worry if you missed your favorite show because chances are, networks are rebooting or giving sequels to it!

Here are some of the shows that are making a comeback:

1. Charmed

Original Air Date: 1998 – 2006

Premise: The series followed the Halliwell sisters, the most powerful good witches who use the Power of Three to fight demons and warlocks.

Comeback: A new series will follow three new sisters set on “vanquishing supernatural demons, tearing down the patriarchy, and maintaining familial bonds.” The show will premiere in October 2018 and the trailer has been released.

2. Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Original Air Date: 1996 – 2003

Premise: The show followed the adventures of Sabrina Spellman, a teenager who balances her secret life as a witch with school, homework, and her love life.

Comeback: The Sabrina reboot will be developed by CW and Netflix (also the same studio that developed Riverdale) and will be based on “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” story arc, set in the ’60s where the teenage witch has to grapple with the occult and the consequences of witchcraft. Kiernan Shipka is set to play Sabrina but there’s no word yet on the release date, except that two seasons will have 10 episodes each.

3. Rocko’s Modern Life

Original Air Date: 1993 to 1996

Premise: Followed the life of Rocko, a wallaby who works in a comic store in a fictional town called O-Town. There, he interacts with his boss Mr. Smitty, his neighbors the Bigheads, and his friends Heffer Wolfe, Filburt, and his dog Spunky. It became a hit because of its adult humor featuring innuendos and double entendres.

Comeback: The TV movie will reportedly bring the characters back to Earth after “being lost in outer space since 1996. Rocko has trouble accepting this 21st century modern life, while Heffer and Filburt embrace every aspect of new technology, social media, and the endless diversity of food trucks. Rocko wholeheartedly believes that his nostalgia for the past can save him from the tortures of the modern world.” A sneak peek has been released.

4. Invader Zim

Original Air Date: 2001 – 2006

Premise: Invader Zim followed the misadventures of the titular alien, who arrives on Earth to conquer the planet. To do this, he disguises himself as a human boy, together with his robot companion GIR, to study the human race. Zim is constantly foiled by his neighbor Dib, who suspects that Zim isn’t human.

Comeback: There’s no news when Invader Zim‘s TV movie will come out or what it will be about, but a short teaser said that Zim will be invading “soon. Ish.” Most likely, the movie will revolve around his continuous attempts to enslave planet Earth. The title will be Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus! and there will be a panel in the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con.

5. Animaniacs

Original Air Date: 1993 – 1998

Premise: A cartoon variety show that featured a large cast of characters, led by the three Warners: Yakko, Wakko, and Dot.

Comeback: Streaming platform Hulu partnered with Amblin Television and Warner Bros. Animation to create a reboot of the show, which is set to premiere in 2020. Its famous characters, like Pinky and the Brain, are set to appear in the announced two seasons.

6. Blue’s Clues

Original Air Date: 1996 to 2006

Premise: Blue’s Clues followed an animated blue-spotted dog named Blue as she leaves a trail of clues for her friend Steve (and later his brother Joe) and the viewers, so they could figure out what she wants to do for the day.

Comeback: Nickelodeon is reviving the series with a new host and 20 new episodes. There’s no word who the host is but they are currently filming.

7. The Jetsons

Original Air Date: 1962 – 1987

Premise: The Jetsons is a space-age cartoon that told the story of George Jetson, his wife Jane, and their kids Judy and Elroy. The series is the futuristic counterpart of The Flinstones and features aliens, robots, and elaborate contraptions.

Comeback: There’s no word who will star or what the upcoming series will be about, but it will be executive produced by Robert Zemeckis, who is behind films like the Back to the Future trilogy, Death Becomes Her, Forrest Gump, The Polar Express, and more. There’s no word when it will be released.

8. Roswell

Original Air Date: 1999 – 2001

Premise: The series is based on the Roswell High series of books and is set in Roswell, New Mexico, the site of an alleged UFO crash. The show followed a group of teenagers who may be involved in the legendary crash.

Comeback: The reboot, titled Roswell, New Mexico, tells the story of the daughter of undocumented immigrants who returns to her hometown and discovers her that her teenage crush is an alien who kept his otherworldly abilities a secret. There’s no word on the release date.

9. ThunderCats

Original Air Date: 1985 – 1989

Premise: ThunderCats followed the adventures of a group of cat-like humanoid aliens who flee their dying planet and land in Third Earth. There, they befriend the locals while fending off their rivals, the Mutants of Plun-Darr.

Comeback: The new show ThunderCats Roar, is said to feature less realistic animation and a more lighthearted, comedic tone. However, it will still follow the same storyline. The remake will premiere on Cartoon Network in 2019.

Which one are you excited for? Share your thoughts below!

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