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As far as traveling goes, it never is complete without tasting some of the local cuisines offered. This is what The Pilgrim sets to achieve–offering a fusion of different cuisines from its well-traveled and international chef, Chef Dennis. Traveling is not just confined to visiting one place after the other; it also means to explore what is new, what is different, and what is good.

Chef Dennis indulged us to a seven-dish gastronomic adventure at The Pilgrim starting with the Chicken Fingers. The Chicken Fingers is a dish of fried, crispy chicken sliced and made like that of a finger (as the name states) with rice recipes and homemade mayo. I particularly loved the dip. Chef Dennis mentioned that all their dips and sauces served at The Pilgrim were originally concocted and blended by them. You can taste a subtle tanginess to the tip similar to that of a lemon rind.

The PilgrimChicken Fingers (Php 180)

Next entry is the Waywurd House Salad with fresh greens served along with grilled chicken and house dressing. This dish is a superb must-try. It’s something I would want to have as my regular salad.

Perhaps even everyday. The grilled chicken is very tender and moist–seasoned just right, not too salty. The nuts and the crunchy greens make for the perfect pair to top off the dressing. I’d definitely rate this 5 stars for the salad section.

The PilgrimWaywurd House Salad (Php 160)

We also tried one of the dishes from their menu for that week which was the Hearty Rosemary Chicken with Fresh Roasted Potatoes and Garlic Spinach. The overall flavor of this dish is mild and I particularly loved the spinach with its roasted garlic sprinkled topped over it.

The PilgrimHearty Rosemary Chicken w/ Fresh Roastes Potatoes and Garlic Spinach (Php 195)

They also have rice dishes such as the Steak and Egg with Parsley Rice. If you are looking for that breakfast meal to eat at any time of the day, this dish is a perfect choice. It is similar to our “tapsilog” but the steak is not the same to our regular beef “tapa” used in the “tapsilog.”

The PilgrimSteak and Egg (Php 95)

And, of course, their best seller in the entree menu–the Baby Back Ribs by Mr. T with Homemade BBQ sauce. This dish is cooked and flavored to perfection. The tender meat falls off with every cut and you can taste the homemade sauce infused in its every strand. The aroma of the sauce and even the taste are not overpowering, allowing you to savor the real juices of the meat. If I have all the stars in the world, I’d give them all to this dish–without a doubt. I believe 5 stars are just not enough.

The PilgrimThe PilgrimBaby Back Ribs by Mr. T. (Php 380)

The Pilgrim serves pasta too! We tried the Sausage and Bacon in Aglio E Olio Sauce. This is a classic Italian dish served with sausage and bacon tossed in olive oil and dried chili. Being a pasta lover, this dish and I were an instant match. One of the best pasta dishes I have tasted using sausage and bacon.

The PilgrimSausage and Bacon in Aglio E Olio Sauce (Php 185)

And, of course, they also have a common favorite included in their Pilgrimage Specialties: the Wagyu Beef Burger. It is made of juicy ground wagyu beef with fresh lettuce, onion, tomato, and, my favorite, the pickled cucumber. This is a definite must-try.

The PilgrimWagyu Beef Burger (Php 275)

For our drinks, we had healthy fruit shakes with healthy names too. *wink*

We chose Rehydrate, the refreshing shake of watermelon and mango, and Rehabilitate, their bestseller which is a combination of sweet golden watermelon, lychees, and wheatgrass. They also offer beers, cocktails, and wines to pair with their meat dishes.

The Pilgrim Rehydrate (Php 80)

The PilgrimRehabilitate (Php 80)

All the dishes at The Pilgrim are served with vegetables as Chef Dennis want to offer healthy cuisine among our common favorites. It is guilt-free eating as it is a balanced diet, still.

I believe I have traveled the world–with my taste buds, that is. A fusion and exploration of different flavors and classic favorites. So what is your new favorite dish? You might discover it on your next visit to The Pilgrim.

The PilgrimThank you Chef Dennis and the rest of The Pilgrim team for the warm welcome.


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