The Only Number You Need: *121#

 *121# Revealed!

Remember the “121” tweets all over your timelines? Good news: they finally revealed what it is!

Just add an “asterisk” at the beginning and a “pound” sign (or hashtag for all you young ones) at the end and you get Smart Prepaid’s all-in-one access!


smart-121-fb-poster copy

Dial it on your phone for FREE and get easy access to awesome Smart Prepaid offers. No need to memorize all the codes like you used to! You even get first dibs on the hottest and latest promos, like UC20. Awesome, huh?

Speaking of hottest and latest, get to know Smart Prepaid’s newest ambassador, young celebrity James Reid. Watch his video for *121# here:

Have you tried it yet? 


 James Will Show You the Only Number You Need!


Project *121#

The Smart *121# menu is the all in one menu for everything Smart Prepaid. It’s the one number that Smart Prepaid subscribers should memorize. In just a single step- Smart prepaid subscribers will be able to access everything they need – check their balance, subscribe to top call and voice offers, browse through various vas and data offers, redeem loyalty points, be informed of the latest promos and more.

The *121# menu aims to simplify subscriber’s usage and experience. Gone will be the days of remembering multiple keywords and access numbers of the latest promos. The *121# will be the subscribers main channel to view and subscribe to Smart Prepaid’s best value offers. It gives users the convenience to browse and register to new promos or best-selling offers with a just a single click, hassle free.

The Only Number You Need: *121#

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