The New Botejyu Ramen House Serves 18 Specialty Ramen Flavors From All Over Japan

If you’re a certified ramen fan and you’ve had enough of the classic ramen spots all over the Metro, you should definitely run to the newest Botejyu Ramen House.

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This new specialty ramen house is by the Japanese restaurant chain Botejyu, but here, extraordinary ramen bowls take the spotlight. They now have four branches all over the country, and they’re sure to open a lot more soon.

We got to visit Botejyu Ramen House in SM North EDSA and here was our experience.

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First off, the Ramen House is designed to be very bright and youthful, making it a great space to truly enjoy the ramen they have on the menu. You can even choose to sit at the solo tables which can be an introvert’s dream come true.

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Like most ramen houses, they also have an open kitchen design so you can see your ramen being created. But aside from the ramen, you can also check out the gyoza and various types of meat being cooked on the grill!

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Now, on to their menu. Botejyu Ramen House takes pride in serving original and authentic “7 Treasure Soups” from Japan. From these 7 Treasure Soups, they serve 18 specialty ramen flavors made from different areas in Japan, including Hokkaido, Kyoto, and Tokyo.

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The first I tried was the more familiar type of ramen: their Luxury Pork Tonkotsu Ramen (PHP 495). Luxury is such an apt name for this ramen because of how thick and flavorful its broth is. It’s also overloaded with perfectly grilled and super tender chashu slices. I personally couldn’t get enough of this tonkotsu ramen!

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Miso soup is very much known to be a classic Japanese dish, so of course there had to be at least one ramen with miso soup. We got to try two flavors of ramen with an authentic miso soup base: the extra flavorful Milky Miso Curry Ramen (PHP 565) and the indulgent Miso Ramen with Sweet Corn & Butter (PHP 455).

We loved the Miso Curry Ramen because of the perfect balance of miso and curry flavors! The curry was just there and not overpowering at all, letting us enjoy the blend of flavors with each slurp.

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The Umami Soy Sauce Ramen (PHP 435) definitely offers a different and unique taste. It can be a tad strong, but if you love strong flavors, you’ll definitely love this ramen.

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If you’re into spicy flavors, you can try the Spicy Miso Ramen (PHP 525) which is based on red miso and spicy soy bean sauce, or the Premium Miso Tantan Men (PHP 525) which has an added secret ingredient: the umami of scallops!

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Another super flavorful ramen is the Rich Chicken Paitan Ramen (PHP 485). This savory ramen is actually a healthier choice because it has “plenty of collagen made by slowly simmering fresh chicken and vegetables.” If you want to eat healthier this year but you want to enjoy lots of flavor, then this is the ramen for you.

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In case you’re not in the mood to slurp a whole bowl of soup, you can also try the Soupless Ramen or Mazesoba (PHP 495).

“It’s a new style of ramen where you eat noodles without soup, dipped in a special sauce made with concentrated umami flavor extracts from pork, vegetables, and carefully selected soy sauce.”

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Finally, the Yuzu Salt Ramen (PHP 425) is a great choice if you want something light and actually quite refreshing. This soup is a milder choice but is still packed with flavor. It features the umami of kelp, pork, and chicken broth with the refreshing aroma of Yuzu, a citrus fruit.

Because of the wide array of ramen flavors at Botejyu Ramen House, we’re sure you’d have to come back many times to try everything before you finally pick out a favorite–unless you love them all, which won’t be a surprise at all.

Aside from the huge variety of ramen, Botejyu Ramen House also offers a few side dishes that you won’t find in the original Botejyu restaurants.

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The Fried Garlic Rice with Bacon & Egg was my instant favorite because of how flavorful their fried rice was. It was the epitome of “kanin pa lang, ulam na”.

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They also serve a special kind of karaage, the Drumette Special Chicken Karaage which features bone-in chicken drumsticks if you love nibbling the flavorful chicken meat off its bones.

It’s also interesting to note that Botejyu Ramen House takes pride in bringing the authentic taste and quality of Japanese ramen. They even import a lot of ingredients from Japan, including their famed Golden Noodle.

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These noodles from a company in Hokkaido keep their brilliant golden color along with their firm and smooth texture, making them one of the top noodles in Japan.

So, while you’re waiting for that next trip to Japan, a food trip to Botejyu Ramen House can satisfy your cravings in the meantime. After enjoying the wide variety of ramen at Botejyu Ramen House, you just might be a ramen connoisseur in no time!

Botejyu Ramen House

SM Grand Central Mall, Robinsons Gapan, SM North EDSA, SM BF Parañaque

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