The Millennial Make-Up Artist You Should All Be Watching Right Now

From there, she began buying her own makeup, watching YouTube videos, and posting makeup photos on her personal Instagram. She realized there was more to makeup than just the basic, clean face people in the Philippines wear every day. Personally, she enjoys doing editorial make-up. Aside from it being an outlet for her own expression, she enjoys it because she can mix makeup and her love for art.

“Faces are my canvases,” she explains. “That’s why my Instagram portfolio handle is @idapaintsfaces.”

Although she is fairly young in the makeup business, there certainly is a benefit to being young in any business or profession–and that is the knowledge on the power of social media and online sites today. Being a millennial, she recognizes that the internet can truly help further her career. When asked what other younger people should take note of when using social media as a tool to widen their reach, Ida says: “Know your audience. Iba yung voice sa iba’t ibang platforms.”

Being active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, she recognizes each online site reaches out to different kinds of clients, and she advises other younger people to be familiar with this as well.

Ultimately, Ida says that the best thing one should be when dealing with clients is grounded. “Kahit sobrang tagal mo na sa industry (Even though you’ve been in the industry a while),” she says, “you should still remember you started somewhere like everyone else did.”

Through her makeup career, Ida hopes to change the way Filipinos look at the concept of beauty. Here in the Philippines, people prefer lighter skin, longer and straighter hair, and a slimmer figure. With her work through make-up, Ida hopes to forward that beauty doesn’t have to be just one thing–it could be everything else.

Ida Siasoco

Instagram: @idapaintsfaces
Twitter: @idasiasoco
Facebook: Ida Siasoco
Youtube: ida siasoco


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