The Hungry Hound + Niner Ichi Nana = an Awesome Night Out in Manila


Nothing a draft beer can’t cure.



Pub grub taken out of London’s back streets and into urban Manila’s upscale districts.


The Hungry Hound + Niner Ichi Nana = an Awesome Night Out in Manila

When in Manila, the gastropub trend has rapidly taken off within the past few years. A good reason why the initially British concept has been so well received by us Filipinos is because it merges two of our most beloved pastimes: eating and drinking. Adding a bit of flair to this set up is the inclusion of a gourmet menu and a selection of craft beers, upping the ante to what would have been just another bar experience otherwise.


 Chili Whipped Lardo and Pate Toast (Php 179) – don papa chicken liver pate, ciabatta toast, sumac apple chutney, sea salt



 Old Bay Crab Croquettes (Php 297) – spiced lump crab, breaded béchamel, dill caper aioli, charred corn relish


At the forefront of the gastro pub movement is The Hungry Hound at the Globe Tower in BGC, brainchild of chef Rob Pengson and Erwan Heussaff, which has managed to epitomize our idea of what an ideal gastropub should be like since having opened about a year ago. Everything from its high ceilings, cast-iron lighting fixtures and dark and wood interior palette, to its extensive renditions of pub food items have us trading in our loud party nights for more relaxed and highly gustatory drinking sessions.


Duck Fat Fries (Php 288) – pimenton dulce, rosemary, garlic confit, parmesan. Best-seller!



 Spiced Crispy Chicken (Php 367) – burger bun, sriracha aioli, sesame radish slaw, fries. Crisp and filling!


Despite receiving dubious reviews during its early phase in the business, Hungry Hound’s off-kilter offerings of reinvented English pub staples with quirky Asian additions has kept the crowds coming in. Most popular of which is their signature Duck Fat Fries, which has found its way on the webpages of the biggest food blogs in town, and has had every foodie wanting a taste of the rich and fatty specialty since word of it went viral over a year ago.


 Charcuterie Hash (Php 580) – bangers, schublig, house corned beef, smoked bacon, potato, sous vide egg, green onion sour cream, sourdough toast. Easily my most fave!



 Mussel Mac n’ Cheese (Php 437) – gramigna, chilean black mussels, gruyere, cheddar, parmesan, bacon lardons, crushed garlic croutons


hungry-hound-the-fort-13 Hanger Steak and Chips (Php 725) – truffle fries,  foie gras butter, maker’s mark jus


Chef Mikko Reyes (of 2nd’s fame) is now in charge of the kitchen, and has so far made some notable changes service and quality-wise to have gained Hungry Hound all the raves it truly deserves as of late; all this while in keeping with the initial concept and overall theme of the restaurant. Most of Hungry Hound’s original menu from when it opened still remains intact, and has only been slightly expanded with some familiar Asian influences with the inclusion of dumplings, kimchi, and silog varieites.


 Banoffee Trifle (Php 269) – Spiced banana cake, toffee cream, rum stewed banana, salted cashew brittle



 Lily’s Waffle Cookie (Php 235) – Peanut butter cookie, vanilla ice cream, bourbon caramel


I especially love that Hungry Hound dishes out nothing but meaty and hearty grub, the ridiculously indulgent type of food you’d reach for when all the alcohol kicks in. While Hungry Hound’s casual (albeit slightly exclusive) ambiance is a great way to kick-start your night out, the bar next door, Niner Ichi Nana, is a more than ideal place to literally stumble upon when you’re finally ready for some serious cocktails.

Read all about the tricks Niner Ichi Nana got up their sleeves after the jump!


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