The Flying Dutchman: Proudly Fashionable, Proudly Filipino

 The instant that we need an article of clothing, we immediately head for our supermalls, grab a big shopping bag and troll away paying thousands for a couple of clothes, When In Manila. Especially the men in our lives. Yes, it is somewhat frustrating to find clothing that you need especially for people who are lazy to shop. Men clothing stores are very limited with the given necessity or styles, we find supermalls to be the answer for everything.

Thus, I am sharing with you a brand not just proudly hip, functional, young and chic but also,
Proudly Filipino: The Flying Dutchman.




The Flying Dutchman was founded in 2011 by 2 young professionals who just graduated college. Initially to sell boat shoes to the public. Successfully joining bazaars and having a pool of customers for their debut product created their trust for the market to have a good selling point. They believed in good honest products, same as any international franchise which has scoped out the Filipino retail market. 




They saw how Men in the Philippines would usually all wear the same brand because of limitations. Thus creating The Flying Dutchman which offers the same quality at a much affordable price. 




Here’s a close up photo of their shoes, no filters, no edits. You could see the craftsmanship of the shoes which were made of leather. Being fashion as my main profession, my basis for good shoes is their form. If you see shoes that looks very good in the shelves, once you wear them and they maintain their forms, it initially means that they had good craftsmanship–in my opinion. 



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