The Brow Studio: Brow-mance at Its Finest

The Brow Studio: Brow-mance at Its Finest


I never really paid too much attention to my brows until a friend of mine told me about the importance of having a good pair of brows. According to him, a good pair of brows is the key to looking better, in general. Apparently, a woman is good to go even if she does not wear any makeup as long as her brows look fine.

From then on, I became more conscious about mine. I even bought tools and cosmetic products that would help me improve my brows, most especially when wearing makeup. In short, I formally started a love affair with my brows and committed to paying more attention to them unlike before. Brow-mance, indeed.

the brow studio

My brows before the brow design session


Covering my brows up with pencil or powder didn’t seem like enough, though. Sometimes, my eyebrows even looked weird. They seemed lacking in terms of length and, on some parts, there were a lot of stray hair strands, too. I could still have something better, I realized. I simply could not settle for my current eyebrows.

Sure, the idea of simply fixing them by myself was tempting at first. However, I was too afraid to touch them in fear of making a mistake. They were already short. What if I committed a mistake while working on them? I might erase my brows if I overdo it. Plus, I did not think that was the best way to solve my problems. Perhaps what I needed was professional help. Good thing I found out about The Brow Studio Threading and Waxing Salon.

the brow studio

The Brow Studio at The Block SM North

The Brow Studio is the first salon in the Philippines that focuses on the eyebrows. It already has several branches in and outside of Metro Manila, making it easily accessible to everyone, even busy people. Besides brow-related services, they also offer threading and waxing services–all at affordable prices. Imagine getting a brow clean-up for as low as PhP188!

I asked my boyfriend Christian to go with me. We visited its branch located at The Block, SM City North EDSA. The original plan was for me to get my brows fixed alone, but then we found out that men could get their brows fixed there, as well.

We were also fortunate to talk to Ms. Kristine Rochelle “Teng” Tobillo, the owner of The Brow Studio. We found out that they actually have regular male customers. Since The Brow Studio specializes in brows, they are not very particular about their customers. After all, everyone deserves to have good brows and good brows really make a lot of difference, even among men.

I was the first one to give it a go. The brow designer assigned to me was Ms. Emy. First, we had a consultation session where she assessed my current eyebrow state. Guess what? I was right! My brows were too short and their forms had to be fixed. What I needed was an eyebrow design session.

the brow studio

Ms. Emy explaining what she would do with my brows and what my goals would be


After we discussed my eyebrows’ state, Ms. Emy drew my brows using the Brow RX, a piece of paper which would serve as my guide later on. It was like a medical prescription for my brows, basically. On its right, she drew the ideal brow shape for me. According to her, this would be my goal. She also assured me that we could still do something about my short brows. 

the brow studio

Threading: A closer look


First, she threaded the unnecessary hair strands on my brows while following the pattern she drew on my Brow RX. All of a sudden, the stray hair strands were gone. She even corrected the form and the shape of my brows because their ends were pointing upwards instead of downwards. Of course, they were designed to suit my facial features.

the brow studio

Time for plucking


She also plucked other unnecessary hair strands that threading wasn’t able to get rid of. My brows looked cleaner than ever. Then, she pencilled in my brows, covering up the parts where more strands would be needed.

the brow studio

Ms. Emy showing me how to determine the start, peak, and end of the eyebrow


It was, at the same time, an opportunity for me to learn the best way to pencil my brows. She even taught me to determine where the brows should start, peak, and end.

Then, she told me that I would have to cover some parts of my brows with either pencil or powder while waiting for more hair to grow in place. To make it happen, I’d use a special eyebrow serum specially made by The Brow Studio.

the brow studio

Brow Vitamins


It’s called Brow Vitamins, and has been proven to nourish hair strands and wake up dormant follicles, making it easier for more hair to grow. After that, I’ll have to go back every three to four weeks for a basic clean-up to get rid of stray hair strands and get my brows’ progress checked.

the brow studio

My brows: Work in progress

the brow studio

My eyebrows look better now, thanks to Ms. Emy (on the left)


In less than 30 minutes, my brows looked better. What was even cooler was that it was completely painless.


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