The 6 Stages of Planning a Trip with Your Barkada We Can All Relate To

You all know what we’re talking about.

It’s like one of the most challenging tasks in the world, planning a trip with your barkada. You plan and you plan and you plan, and well, it stays that way. A plan. LOL. Everyone’s super G in the beginning, but the excitement somehow wanes until the plan is eventually canceled. And it’s super frustrating!


Here are the 6 stages of planning a trip with your barkada we can all relate to!

1. The Birth of the Ultimate Barkada Vacation Idea

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You’re hanging out on a Friday night at your usual bar in the city with your barkada after work. One of your friends say “Hay, I need a vacation, pare.” Then bam. That friend who’s had a little too much beer than he or she can handle (we all have that one friend…) goes: “Tara!”

And, for the first time, everyone agrees. “Onga!” “Tara!” “Woohoo!” You even toast to the moment. And for a minute there, all feels right in the world. Barkada trip! So exciting!

2. The Day After

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You take it to Facebook messenger. You make sure the plan’s really on, and not usapang lasing lang like all the other times. Gora! They answer. “Wow. This is really happening,” you think. You even all miraculously agree on the destination. Thailand! You’re going to Thailand!

Someone changes the name of your group chat to “THAILAND 2017”. Everyone’s still so excited. This feels like the brightest idea anyone has ever had in a while. You all deserve that break!

3. The Scheduling

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Ah. This is where the going gets tough. “Check ko sched ko.” “Check ko leave ko.” “Wala ‘kong kapalit sa shift nyan eh.” “Wala pang sweldo sa date na yan!” Your first agree on going next month. Oops, conflict. You move it to next month. Nope, one of you is not available then. You move it a few weeks further. Still no. You all keep moving it trying to find a mutual schedule and suddenly it’s six months from now. But keribells. Basta tuloy! More time to save, your barkada says. K.

4. The Final Bookings

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Lodging, flights, activities, itineraries…your friends are a little short-attention spanned, so everytime someone brings up the trip, the conversation ALWAYS gets sidetracked. “Guys, guys panooring nyo to!” Somehow a funny video always gets in the middle of the conversation until everyone’s gone to bed and you still haven’t gotten to deciding where you’ll be staying.

GUISE. FOCUS. (But wala kayo nun.)

5. The Month Before

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Ayan naaaaa. Only one month before the trip and lol you still haven’t done the necessary bookings. ANONA. The certified tita of the barkada sends a passive aggressive message to the group chat: “Tuloy pa ba to” –no punctuation marks. U kno she mad.

And what’s worse is, no one replies.

6. The Death of Your #BarkadaGoals Dreams

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This is the stage where your vacation dreams go to die. One by one, your friends are starting to back out. Work leave not approved, family reunions, suddenly not a good time to leave, or idk, some other excuses you’ve all heard from them before. And you second guess yourself why you ever thought this would happen ‘cos LOL Thailand? La Union nga ‘di matuloy eh.

And just like that, you realize your dreams of giving an elephant a bath in Chiang Mai with your best buddies in the world will all remain as but that—a dream. *Cue dramatic music*


We all know the real problem here—everyone in your barkada is tamad for realz. No one wants to be bothered from their daily activities, because planning a trip with your friends can feel like the most challenging thing in the world. I think everyone in your group can agree.

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