Thai Film ‘Brother of the Year’ Left Many People in Tears

‘Brother of the Year’ is a beautiful and moving story of the unbreakable bond between brother and sister. From the same production team that thrilled viewers about the student test cheating scandals across Asia (Bad Genius), comes yet another great film that will definitely warm the hearts of many!

The new Thai movie “Brother of the Year” is a unique rom-com movie that tells the story of sibling rivalry, silliness, and love for family. A “perfect” younger sister Jane (Yaya Sperbund) tries to keep her cool, as she lives with her overbearing, and mischievous brother Chut (Sunny Suwanmethanont), who is firm to put a stop to anything that makes her happy – including her romantic partner, Moji (Nichkhun Horvejkul).

You’ve probably heard of this upcoming movie given the cast of acclaimed actors. You might already be gushing and giggling about how cute the two lovers are. Let me stop you right there, though. THIS IS NOT A ROMANTIC LOVE STORY. THIS IS A SIBLING LOVE STORY. An unexpected tearjerker.

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With big room for craziness, laughter, and mischievous gags, you’d think this movie is just a simple comedy film, but no, it’s not. Brother of the Year gives a realistic and relatable take on a sibling relationship – especially the special, and unique bond between brother and sister. It offers a familiarity you can’t ever find in any other relationship – and that is both the strong and painful point of this film.

The first half introduces us to Jane living a new life back in Bangkok with her overbearing and annoying brother. She then finds love in a half-Japanese colleague who is too sweet, kind, and remarkable for words. The two possess this cute chemistry that makes them such a fresh, and intriguing pair.

Again, though: this story is NOT about them. If anything, Moji seems more like the third wheel in this.

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Jane and Moji’s scenes were brief and sweet, like a dash of sugar in a pastry bread. It works to make the movie more enticing, but it’s not the flavor you’ll be most excited about.

For the most part, Jane and Chut are just getting even with each other’s mischief. Jane tries to keep her romance with Moji a secret, but her brother finds out and makes it difficult for the two to be together.

He bullies, confronts, and threatens him, just as much as he does Jane. Some slapstick scenes were unnecessary in my opinion, but it got better as the show progressed.

The siblings’ relationship takes a turn for the worse when Jane reveals she wants to take things to the next level with her boyfriend.

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Chut, being the honest and upfront brother that he is, is quick to bombard her with the doubts and fears she didn’t bother facing. The confrontation is so casual and comedic that it doesn’t give the viewers a chance to dwell on its second layer – a second meaning – which is the sweet concern a big brother has for his little sister.

Still, Jane doesn’t look the other way to forget about her brother. She was the invisible support all throughout – helping him with his work and other personal matters, but Chut saw it as Jane doing what she knows best.

He saw her trying to one up him. He saw her as someone looking down on him, and didn’t trust in his abilities. Her intentions didn’t seem pure or supportive – and it crushed his ego, just as much as it crushed his heart.

Going back to his conversation with the company intern, Chut’s words definitely moves the needle in this part of the film. “I don’t hate Jane. But I hate myself when I’m with Jane.” 

He let his childhood-driven feelings of insecurity and bitterness get the best of him. It was truly painful, all because it felt so real.

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When conflicts take flight and ties are severed, the only way to go is to endure a family transition to prompt all the discords and have a new chance of reconciliation.

Brother of the Year has an open-ended ending, but was enough to make us cry and touch our hearts to the core. ‘Brother of the Year’ opens in cinemas nationwide on October 10, 2018, supported by the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

Brother of the Year