Tex-Mex Dishes? Go Loco With Gringo!

Hola amigos! If you are looking for a delectable Tex-Mex dish, look no further as Gringo is finally here. A couple of days prior their opening at SM North EDSA, we had dibs on their original chicken, southern spice chicken, and ribs — and man, it was surely one of those dishes that we would come back to for more.

GringoPh-13The Mysterious Gringo Package

GringoPh-11Southern Spice Chicken — Out of the Box

An upcoming concept store in BGC and SM North EDSA, Gringo offers flavorful Tex-Mex combinations that are to die for. For our first order of business, we tried the Southern Spice Chicken, which at first glance, looked a bit overcooked. But once you try it out, you’ll realize that the color is actually because of its flavor, and everything is just savory and tender in all the right places. Best served with their signature lemon herb sauce and spicy sauce, which are obviously extra hot, but we really didn’t mind.

GringoPh-5Original Chicken

Their chicken looks identical and both are equally delicious. Jam packed with flavors on each bite, the original chicken has a lighter kick to it compared to the other. You could taste the herbs coming off from the meat, and the skin is also extra tasty, as most of the marinate are concentrated on the outer part. I love the fact that these chicken are moist despite being grilled and driven all the way to our home.

GringoPh-2Ribs with tacos

Last, but definitely not the least, is their ribs. Unlike most ribs available in the market, Gringo’s doesn’t taste like the generic meat smothered in barbecue sauce. Instead, theirs tasted like spices and citrus, which makes them stand out from the rest. Their dishes comes with a variety of sides to choose from, depending on your preference.

Not sold enough? Their price is also pretty affordable, and there is definitely more dishes coming up in the coming months. And oh, I heard they also sell mojitos! What’s not to love, am I right?


Ground floor, The Block, SM City North EDSA
Unit 3 The Fort Residences Bldg. 31st Street & 2nd Avenue BGC, 1115 Taguig, Philippines
(02) 353 9751


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