Teng Brothers for Mega Man: What We Can Learn from Them

Teng Brothers for Mega Man: What We Could Learn from Them

When in Manila, you must have already heard about the Teng brothers who are best known for fighting it off in the UAAP Season 76’s championships. They not only demonstrated excellent basketball skills then, but showed just how touching and powerful brotherhood can really be.

After the championships, memes about the UAAP 76 finals went viral online – working as proof of their popularity and fame. See the memes here: https://www.wheninmanila.com/uaap-finals-76-la-salle-vs-ust-and-teng-brothers-trending-photo-memes-uaap76finals/

The Teng brothers attended the MEGA MAN Meet and Greet, where they were the cover boys for MEGA MAN’s November issue. The said event took place in National Bookstore in Glorietta 1, which was absolutely packed!

teng brothers

Fans started waiting in line as early as 10 am even though the event wasn’t supposed to start until 4 pm. Some even came in outfits to support their idols and crushes.

teng brothers

Such is the great following of the Teng brothers. Beyond basketball and brotherhood, though, there is much more that we can learn from them, as well.

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The Teng Brothers

Being a student is tough enough, but imagine the pressure that comes with being a student athlete. How can a person manage all of the duties involved? Jeric shares that the key to this is to know your priorities, which, in his case, are training and academics. For this, he had to make some sacrifices such as going out at night and going to parties.

Jeron, on the other hand, shared that, as student-athletes, they have to allocate time to study and review. “Of course, we’re student-athletes, so we have to review.”

With all the adoring fans and fame they are getting, the Teng brothers still remain approachable. They gamely signed copies of MEGA Magazines during the event and interacted with their fans.

teng brothers

“Growing up, our parents taught us whatever happens to us, we have to remain grounded, so God will bless us more,” Jeric shared, “And for me, there’s no reason for us not to be humble. We’re very grateful to our supporters and without them, we won’t be where we are right now. We’re just very blessed to have them support us.”

When in Manila, you’ll never run out of people to look up to. Whether you’re a student-athlete or not, remember these wise words from the Teng brothers. They might help all of us manage our time and priorities more efficiently. 

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Teng Brothers for Mega Man: What We Can Learn from Them


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