This aburi sushi tray is so good that I’ve got to Taste and Tell you all about it

ICYMI (which I highly doubt you have), sushi bake is the food trend now. It’s basically a cross between a casserole and sushi— a rich and indulgent treat. And rightfully so. It’s made up of rice, seafood, and some creamy element— usually mayonnaise, cheese, or a mix of both. To partake, just get deep into the layers, add it to your nori, and enjoy.

Simple as that.

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Because there are so many ways to personalize it, no two sushi trays are created the same way. Some are creamier than others, while some are loaded with tons of toppings. And for those who like something sweet to contrast the rich flavors, they add mangoes to theirs— creating a California maki bake of sorts.

But if you’re looking for aburi sushi tray that’s more on the fancy side, we’ve found a place that offers it. The name? Taste & Tell.

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Dubbed as a “dangerously addictive” sushi tray, Taste & Tell’s version is inspired by the aburi technique. Literally translated as “flame-seared”, their trays are blow-torched on top to give it a smokier and tastier flavor. But that’s not all. Each aburi tray comes with layers of Japanese rice, a delicious mix of seafood, cream cheese, and secret sauce—all the good stuff rolled (haha, get it) in one.

Taste & Tell’s selection of aburi trays includes the classic Kani Aburi, Scallop and Salmon, as well as the Umami Unagi. Since their trays come loaded with more toppings than rice, and tons of fixings, prices range from PHP 1,200 to PHP 2,500 depending on both size and flavor.

Scallop and Salmon Aburi Tray

During my foray into the world of sushi trays, I was lucky enough to come across the Scallop and Salmon Aburi tray from Taste & Tell. And let me tell you, it was the fanciest aburi sushi tray I’ve had by far.

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Just look at that glistening layer of cream, sauce and fish eggs. Drool!

This new and exciting variant features Unagi Sauce atop a creamy mix of salmon flakes and scallops. And on the bottom, a sour-sweet bed of fluffy Japanese rice. While a seemingly minor element, what I do love about this addition is that the sweet-salty tangy sauce adds a new depth to the aburi sushi tray.

Now comes the fun part: rolling it all up. Unlike other aburi sushi trays that I’ve tried in the past, this one held its form. The rice was fluffy enough to encompass the sheet of nori, and the stickiness helped keep things together. That and the seafood layer was thick, too. It didn’t drool and dribble down unlike other watery versions. This was not a messy tray, and I loved every moment of it.

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But most importantly, the abundance of seafood in every bite was a real treat! In every bite, I got a good mix of salmon and scallops. Taste & Tell may have used the smaller scallops rather than shred the bigger ones, but in my book, that was a good move. It showed that they didn’t spare any expense to provide this fancy aburi tray. It’s worth every peso you pay, let me tell you.

And the finisher? Crunchy garlic. Now, this is something I haven’t seen in a lot of aburi sushi trays  yet. This yummy addition goes on top of every roll. This not only adds an extra crunch, but the toasted, garlicky flavor also heightened the feel of the dish.

Taste & Tell?

What can I say to describe the Taste & Tell experience? Simply put, it’s an explosion of flavors in your mouth. You get the rich taste of cheese followed by the subtle briny notes from the scallops, the sweet unagi sauce, and the overall smokiness of the dish. In terms of mouthfeel, you get soft rice, chewy scallops, flaky bites of salmon— finished off with the crunch from the garlic. So many things are going on in your mouth while enjoying this aburi tray from Taste & Tell. And yes, it’s worth tasting and telling, all right.

The Scallop and Salmon Aburi Tray comes in 3 sizes:

  • Small 7.5 x 5.5 inches (feeds 1-2 people): PHP 1,500
  • Medium 8 x 8 inches (feeds 3 to 5 people): PHP 1,950
  • Large 8 x 12 inches (feeds 6 to 8 people): PHP 2,400

To order, you can send them a message on Facebook, Instagram, or SMS. The Scallop and Salmon Aburi Tray is available every Wednesday and Sunday, so make sure to place your orders in time for those dates.

Do you think that this aburi tray will bake your day? Share your thoughts with us!

Taste & Tell

Contact Number: 09099827426

Instagram: @tasteandtellmnl


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