Taco Bell is Coming to Alabang Town Center – Southerners Rejoice!

Just last week, I had a sudden craving for Taco Bell. “It can’t be any other tacos,” I whined during my semi-PMS-y state. “It has to be Taco Bell!!!” Unfortunately, I live in BF Homes in the South and the only Taco Bells that we were aware of were all in the North.

So, when @AlabangTownCntr tweeted this photo, I screamed!!!

taco bell alabang town center

Photo from Alabang Town Center’s Twitter page

Finally!!! A Taco Bell to satiate our cravings in the South!

No set date has been revealed on when Taco Bell will open at our beloved Alabang Town Center yet, but we’ll definitely be heading over there as soon as it does – all-carb diet or not.

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