Taal Lake Conservation Center: Preserving the Untouched Beauty of Taal Lake

Taal Lake Conservation Center: Preserving the Untouched Beauty of Taal Lake


When In Manila and looking for a place that’s closeby and easily accessible and where people prioritize the beauty of its environment and preserve its culture, you should head on out to the Taal Lake Conservation Center (TLCC) in Batangas and see the untouched wonders of Taal Lake.

After having the greatest R&R at Lima Park Hotel, Executive Chef, Pol Poblador gave us a tour around Lipa, Batangas and all the must-see places in this spectacular city. One of the places we went to was the Taal Lake Conservation Center. The moment we stepped out of the van, we looked onto the horizon and saw the magnificent scenery of Lake Taal and into the heart of it, the Taal Volcano. It took our breath away.

Taal Lake Conservation CenterMs. Ann Hazel Javier of TLCC in front of a Mural by Dolphins Love Freedom.


The Taal Lake Conservation Center is located near the shore of Taal Lake on Balete Road, Mataas Na Kahoy, Batangas. It was built with the partnership of Pusod Pilipinas and the Municipal Government of Mataas Na Kahoy for the Taal Volcano Protected Areas Management Plan.

Taal Lake Conservation Center

We had the pleasure of being toured around by Atty. Ipat Luna, an environmental and health activist and also a member of the Board of Trustees for Pusod Pilipinas.

Taal Lake Conservation Center Atty. Ipat Luna with @wheninmanila giving a lecture about the history of Taal Lake


The lecture was held in the pavilion where there is a wide open space perfect for activities ventilated by the winds of ‘Habagat’ and ‘Amihan’ on each side. We started with the intricate history of Taal Lake with all of the legends and myths shrouding it. She also told us about the local inhabitants and the diverse wildlife.

I learned so much about this beautiful place, much of which is still unexplored and just waiting for its infinite wonders to be discovered. Atty. Ipat Luna explained that their advocacy is to preserve the beauty and wonder of Taal Lake whilst providing the people living around it with autonomy and self sustainability with their livelihood. They empower the locals to participate in sustaining the environment where communities contribute hand in hand to the success of their work.

Taal Lake Conservation Center

Walking  around the Taal Lake Conservation Center, we saw this beautiful treehouse made up of bamboo, a floating hut and a bunch of kayaks just waiting to be ridden.

Taal Lake Conservation Center

Created by an amazing Lipa Local Carpenter, Sir Nato


Tourism is also a part of their plan where local inhabitants and outside investors can share with the business and its results. They want to make sure that guests can enjoy the splendor of Taal Lake while still respecting its preservation and maintenance.  

To raise awareness and make your stay even more enjoyable, Taal Lake Conservation Center offers numerous activities like tours, kayaking and a lot of other things that you can do with your friends and family.

Taal Lake Conservation Center

The Philippines has all of these hidden gems tucked away just waiting to be discovered and Taal Lake is one of them. It has enormous beauty and culture that we should all preserve and take care of. So, When in Manila and planning to visit Batangas, take an unusual trip by visiting the Taal Lake Conservation Center and giving them your support. 

Photos by Greg Erquiza Valerio.



Taal Lake Conservation Center


Sitio Lipute, Kinalaglagan, 4223 Balete, Batangas





Taal Lake Conservation Center: Preserving the Untouched Beauty of Taal Lake


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