Sweeties Oatmeal Cookies – Have a Healthy Sugar Rush!

When In Manila, oatmeal cookies are starting to invade the online shopping world! Online shopping has really made our lives easier and effortless. Thanks to Twitter and Facebook, we never have to miss out on anything good to eat anymore! 


Oatmeal Cookies You’ll Love

My passion for online shopping led me to these really delicious oh-so-chewy oatmeal cookies by Sweeties! Not like other oatmeal cookies that are crunchy, these are different! These chewy oatmeal cookies really gave me an enjoyable treat as I indulged in every bite of them. You can really feel the oatmeal grains in your mouth!

And since it’s made from oatmeal grains, it’s really a good dessert or snack for people who like sweets but take their diets seriously at the same time.

Sweeties oatmeal cookies have developed four flavors within their 2 years in the business. They have mango, peanut butter, chocolate and coffee. And I must say they are all total must-tries!


Top 1. Coffee Oatmeal Cookie

This cookie is my personal favorite. It has this sweet coffee nutty aftertaste that gets into my blood and gives me this “bring it on” kick when eaten after breakfast! A nice substitute for energy bars!


Top 2. Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookie 

I imagined this as a nutty cookie that isn’t too sweet or too chewy and it didn’t disappoint me! My expectations to what a peanut butter-based cookie should be like were definitely met! 


Top 3. Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies

Now I’m not really a choco lover, but this one was able to make a mark on my mind. It’s not that sweet and does not have strong chocolatey flavor. You wouldn’t even notice if you already ate the whole box. (I was like that when I started ordering from Sweeties.)


Top 4. Mango Oatmeal Cookies

Every time that I take a bite of this fruity tutti mango flavor oatmeal cookie, I feel like I’m eating an actual mango. It’s like Sweeties used fresh mango juice to make some! The mango taste is just enough to tickle your taste buds after a heavy and strong full meal.


This Christmas season, it’s time for gift-giving and sweets! Let your family enjoy this affordable and yummy treats from Sweeties. Give them a sweet and a healthy snack!

So, When in Manila, give your loved ones the freedom to eat without worrying about their weight. Give them some Oatmeal Cookies – only from Sweeties


 For assorted flavors price is Php 80 per box / For particular flavors price is Php 75 per box / All boxes consist of 12 pieces of cookies

Sweeties Oatmeal Cookies


Twitter: @looovesweeties

Facebook: facebook.com/sweetiesoatmeal

0917 – 8984529


Sweeties Oatmeal Cookies – Have a Healthy Sugar Rush! 


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