Sweet, Soft, and Funky: A Pufft Marshmallow Experience

I have never imagined marshmallows can go beyond just the vanilla white, chocolate, or rainbow stereotype. I was never crazy over marshmallows—until this sweet discovery. And I will never taste marshmallows the same way, ever again.

So running down through my shopping spree in a mall, I just found this cutesy, fancy sweets shop that sells huge, chunky marshmallows in different colors. I thought it was a little clichéd, but what the heck, since I had enough time to linger, I just got inside and took a box of six home. And it made a whole lot of difference.


Pufft Marshmallow, as slang as it may sound, bargains those with sweet tooth their money as this marshmallow becomes one unforgettable experience. I mean, I am taking the stance of a consumer who just salivated for every taste more than just any marketing ploy. It just changed my view of marshmallows this time.

Pufft Marshmallow offers the best tasting flavors they have. I must say this is the epitome of artisanal marshmallows. Just the six flavors proved it enough that there is more to this sweet, soft, and funky treat.

Strawberries and Cream


Imagine strawberry shortcake with cream on top, but transformed into this puffy treat, and you got yourself a very nice, melt-in-your-mouth treat.

Mint Chocolate


Some sweet treats that claim to be minty do not let the taste dwell long enough. But this? Come on! It’s legit as the mint and the hint of chocolate chips around stimulate the palate in a refreshing way.

Puto Bumbong


I thought it was crazy, but man, who would have ever thought that a holiday kakanin can go artisanal and fancy? Yes to this delectable surprise! Imagine purple yam tasting marshmallow covered in coconut bits, that’s just delish!

Dulce de Leche


This one’s a winner to the smooth taster. The perfect mildness and creaminess of the milky mix just captures the taste buds of the not-so-sweet-tooth.

Salted Caramel


I seriously thought this flavor’s for frappes and ice cream alone. But marshmallows can go up to this point of irresistible, mouth-watering, and salty-sweet delight. You can never have enough of this.

Chocolate Cookies & Cream


And my personal favorite…It just looks like a block of chocolate, covered treat, but once you bite into it, the creamy, soft, and cookie inside just makes you go crazy over it. I was caught off guard while letting this marshie melt in my mouth as I was figuring out what was in it. But I just let it happen because it was really good!

Crazy, good treats come in simple packages, and these marshmallows prove it right. I have never thought that a simple, underrated sweet, soft, and puffy snack can go amusingly delicious. That’s just the reward for discovering what my seem plain, yet amazing inside!

Pufft Marshmallow

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