Fruits in Ice Cream: A Berry Food-Capade

Since summer is about to come, I can see the need for many ice cold treats like halo-halo, crushed sweet treats, or the most reliable ice cream. Ice cream, regardless of its package or size, will always be a refreshing pleasure. I have tried flavor after flavor – from the infamous local brands to the artisanal gelatos. This simple treat is my guilty pleasure along with its fun and unlikely-thought-of flavors.

I have recently discovered a maker of ice cream, and what made this a good find for me is its well-crafted series of flavors, from limited editions to premiums, from gourmet to the most favorite sorbetes. 

Fruits in Ice Cream, commonly known as FIC, has always been a family favorite. What could be a better picture than eating ice cream during a sultry summer night or on a bright sunny, beach-feel day?

I wonder, though: what’s so special about this ice cream? Just like any adventure, I took time to give it all a taste just to find out, essentially, what is special about Fruits in Ice Cream. I pledged to take my adventure into the “berry” series to test them out.

Fruits in Ice Cream’s Raspberry Rapture

A mix of raspberry bits with a kick of chocolate syrup, this flavor stimulates or “raptures” the palate. The sour berry with a blend of chocolate makes the tastebuds burst with quintessential sweetness.

This flavor is best for dishes that are red and meaty like steak, and for drinks like red wine or coffee-based liquors/drinks.



Fruits in Ice Cream’s Strawberry

Strawberry will always be my favorite. This flavor has an infusion of rich vanilla and strawberry bits and syrup. It has a stable and unpretentious taste which everyone will like. I honestly go crazy over any kind of strawberry ice cream, but this one’s an absolute must-try.

This flavor is best for dishes that are easy to come by like pasta and pizza, and for drinks like beer.

Strawberry (3)FIC

Fruits in Ice Cream’s No Sugar Added Mixed Berries

The fusion of berries in plain ice cream with less sugar to taste is a calming treat. The simplest of all the flavors, this can turn any stressful day into a relaxing one.

This flavor is best for dishes that are light like salad, white meat dishes, and simple dishes with just a mild flavor or mix, and for drinks like champagne and white wine.
FIC No sugar added mixed berriesFIC

Fruit in Ice Cream’s Berry Overload

This is my personal favorite of the four. We are not talking about bits here. We are using real chunks of berries, in vanilla, berry-based ice cream this time. The flavor is overflowing with the sweetness stinging every tastebud. I undoubtedly love the refreshing mix of berries that makes it taste healthy yet pleasurable with every melting indulgence at the same time.

This flavor is best for dishes that have strong flavors like Mediterranean, Middle-Eastern, Thai, and other spicy dishes, and for drinks that can ease the tastebud tension like white wine.

berry overloadFIC

berry overloladFIC

A single scoop of one’s favorite flavor of ice cream is a great cold treat for the day. However, Fruits in Ice Cream makes everything extra special with what’s inside and with what’s mixed with it. It’s the taste, bits, and pieces that make every flavor truly and essentially delicious.

Get half a gallon, pint, or a scoop at one of their scooping stations and wait for promos on their social media sites, as well, as they have more to offer!

Fruits in Ice Cream


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