Sushi Nori W City Center: Redefining Japanese Fast Food for the Fast-Paced City

For those who love sushi, it may have crossed your mind how intricate the process of constructing these well-loved Japanese rice rolls can be. The rice should be seasoned to perfection; the fish ensured to be fresh, fatty and maintained at a certain temperature; and the best toppings are handpicked to flawlessly complement the main ingredient—all of which are difficult to do in a fast food setting. 

In Japanese fast food chains, your sushi cravings may be fixed on the dot; but in one way or the other, its quality would have been compromised due to the rush orders, making them not taste as good as authentic ones. Luckily for people residing/working in the fast-paced Bonifacio Global City (BGC), Sushi Nori is about to redefine that Japanese fast food notion.  SN9

Strategically situated near High Street and office buildings, Sushi Nori is a casual Japanese diner that opened its 5th and biggest branch at W City Center, BGC. They normally serve a variety of flavors of sushi and also transform rice into other well-loved versions such as Temaki and even Pokebowls. And since this is their biggest branch yet, they also added Donburi and other a la carte items to their menu for a wider food selection. Those products may sound like they take quite some time to make, but Sushi Nori promises quickquality Japanese food perfect on-the-go.  SN8

For People On-The-Go 

Sushi Nori understands that people in BGC are often rushing so they want to satisfy customers with only the best Japanese food while respecting their hectic schedule. This is why they put up an express lane for those who want to order pre-made bento-boxes to address that type of lifestyle. These delectable boxes are fresh and ready-to-go sushi packs like the Classic Mix for example (composing of 6 pcs California Maki, 2 pcs Salmon Sushi, and 6 pcs Tamago Sashimi). Though, if you want to order other meals, waiting in line shouldn’t be a problem since they serve their food quickly. 

For Those Celebrating an Occasion 

The fan favorites of people during office/house potluck are probably those in bilao, like noodles or easy to eat food like pichi-pichi and barbeque. You can now have a more special choice because Sushi Nori provides Party Trays of assorted sushi for special occasions (or just a normal day—we won’t judge!). Just call them and order in advance, so it’ll ready for pickup as soon as you get to the branch. 

Sushi Nori

The price ranges from Php1,299 to Php2,099. The 48 pieces to 56 pieces and the sushi assortment depends on your choice.

For Artsy  Foodies 

Of course, you’re also welcome to stay and chill. Looking at the interiors of the place, you’ll surely want to take your time Instagramming your Sushi Nori experience. They have neon lights that shout “Let’s Roll” and a pastel-colored look to truly turn your IG into #FeedGoals.

Now going to the main part, we tried some of the items on their menu and here is what we loved: 


Okonomiyaki (Sushi – Php169 / Temaki – Php129)

Surely, you’ve heard of Okonomiyaki. They are Japanese savory pancakes with a variety of toppings. The most common ones (Tamago, Kani, Bonito Flakes, Spring Onions, and, of course, Okonomiyaki Sauce) are taken and translated into a sushi version—a sweet feast on the tongue that goes well with the sushi rice. SN5

Firecracker (Sushi – Php249 / Temaki – Php169)

Two words: Spicy. Salmon. This delicious and savory fish is cut into pieces and coated with Sushi Nori’s special spicy sauce. Then, they wrap it inside the sushi, pour some more spicy salmon on top, and finish it all off with some crunchy Tempura flakes. If you’re into spicy food, this is what you should be ordering! 

Sushi Dreams  (Sushi – Php249 / Temaki – Php169)

Dreams should be comforting and this specific sushi variant is as comforting as it can get, thanks to its cream cheese filling! Sushi Dreams has salmon, kani, and delectable cheese that make it oh-so-dreamy. To match the smoothness of its texture, it’s also sprinkled with crunchy, Tempura flakes.  

Ultimate Aburi (Sushi – Php349)

This one is definitely a winner. Typically, sushi is fish wrapped in rice; however, this dish is the exact opposite—the salmon is wrapped around the rice! You’ll be eating 90% fish and 10% rice that will satisfy your seafood craving.

Ninja (Sushi – Php169 / Temaki – Php129)

Not a fan of raw fish? Worry not! Sushi Nori offers Ninja, which is basically just rice with cooked ham, Tamago, and blow-torched cheese to simmer down all those umami! This order is perfect for kids and even adults who don’t find sushi appealing.


For people looking for something more filling, Sushi Nori W City Center branch exclusively offers Pokebowls! Originating in Hawaii, Sushi Nori adds their own twist by creating rice bowls with the flavors similar to their sushi variants plus other ingredients specifically for Pokebowls.  SN7

Wagyu (Php369)

Probably my favorite among all their food—I mean, it is Wagyu beef, after all! These incredibly juicy meat will just melt in your mouth with every bite along with the roe, Wakame, and the Bonito flakes. This one is more enjoyable while it’s still hot.SN3

Dreams (Php289)

Topped with Teriyaki Salmon, Nori, Tempura Flakes, and the beautifully colored sweet Oboro (similar to a fish roe), you will undoubtedly like this sweet and savory Poke Bowl. Their salmon glazed in Teriyaki sauce is to die for; in fact, even just this topping with the rice already makes it one hell of a meal! 

Classic (Php349)

The Classic Pokebowl is actually one of their bestsellers. It has two kinds of fish: Tuna and Salmon. Cucumber, Nori, and Wakame salad are then for additional texture. To finish, Sushi Nori’s special Pokebowl Sauce and Sriracha Sauce are added for some spice. If you don’t know which Pokebowl variant to order, I suggest you start with this one!

What are you waiting for? #RollWithSushiNori now and enjoy quality Japanese food whipped up in a jiffy!  

Sushi Nori

W City Center, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

Monday to Sunday: 11am – 10pm


Instagram: @SushiNoriPH