Supra Aids and Invades the Streets of Manila

Supra Aids and Invades the Streets of Manila



When In Manila, the skateboarding culture continues to grow. And part of this growth is because of the support of brands like Supra that continue to push the boundaries of apparel and footwear with their multi-dimensional and innovative skate goods. Back in 2012, Supra put together one of the biggest skateboarding tours in history. This year, Supra picks up where they left off launching the Supra Invasion Tour  2013, which has already gone through Europe and America. As part of the Asian leg, the Philippines warmly welcomes the Supra team for another amazing tour.

Last November 13, 2013, the Supra skaters Jim Greco, Stevie Williams, Spencer Hamilton, Neen Williams, Boo Johnson, Keelan Dadd, Kevin Romar, Nick Tucker and Pat Rumney headed to Calle Skate shop in Pasig for a welcome party and signing for all their Filipino fans who were eager to meet their idols face to face. 


The next day, the Supra skaters were set to do a demo in one of Manilas’ most iconic skate spots, the Manila Post Office. The location not only puts the skaters right in the heart of Manila but also allows fans to be able to skate and do their own thing. And to help in the recent tragedy that happened in the Visayas region with the onslaught of Typhoon Yolanda, the event organisers partnered with ABS CBNs’ Sagip Kapamilya foundation to accept canned goods and other donations during the  demo. As I dropped of my donation box of bottled water, I couldn’t help but feel proud of us Filipinos because amidst the hardest of times we can still come together and be united to help our fellow countrymen. Kudos to Supra for promoting bayanihan through skateboarding!


The demo was packed with fans and skaters eager to get a glimpse of the Supra team. 

Before the Supra team demo proper, 20 of the best local skaters were invited for a skate competition where they would each get the chance to show of their skills and show that Filipino skaters can put on a show, as well. 


A local skater showing off his skills on a bench


 Kickflip over the 5 stair set


 Another rippa from Manila


 Varial Heelflip attempt by one of the local skaters


 Massive ollie on the Supra hubba ledge


 The youngest skater in the competition showing us the future of Philippine Skateboarding