Supra Aids and Invades the Streets of Manila


After the locals finished ripping the spot, the Supra skate team was ready to show off their skills and put on a show of world class skateboarding for all the Filipino fans in attendance. As soon as they got to the spot, the pros wasted no time and immediately did tricks over the Supra hubba ledge. Once the first trick was landed, it was game on for everybody. As usual the Supra team impressed and entertained everybody in attendance with kickflips, frontside flips, 360 flips and even went out of their way to mingle with their fans and have their photos taken.


Kevin Romar


Boo Johnson


Nick Tucker


Pat Rumney


Jim Greco

SupraInvasion-22 Nick Tucker  flying over the Supra hubba ledge


Jim Greco showing off his skills and landing with style


Boo Johnson 50-50 grind 


 Nick Tucker nollie heelflip


 Kevin Romar nollie big heel


 Pat Rumney throwing down a bluntslide


Spencer Hamilton obliging a fan for a photo

This years Supra Invasion tour was unlike any tour the Philippines has witnessed yet with attendance doubling compared to last year’s event. And as the skate scene continues to grow and progress coupled with Supra’s line-up of legendary skaters, as well as amazing young talents, this year’s tours is something that the Filipino fans won’t soon forget especially in these times of tragedy.

While Supra may be relatively young compared to other skate brands, they have proven that they can conquer and influence skate communities harder than most labels with this tour. And, with the success of Supra Invasion 2013, we can expect more from the brand as they continue to promote skateboarding around the globe.

So, When In Manila, be sure to get your fix of Supra gear available in the following stores: Grind – Nuvali, Bratpack – Greenbelt 5, Abreeza Ermita, Gatewat, Alabang Town Center, Centrio ( Cagayan De Oro); Res/Toe/Run – Trinoma, Glorietta 4, Cebu, Festival Mall, Magnolia, Centrio; Center of Gravity (COG) – Burgos Circle, Eton Centris; Shoe Salon – Trinoma, Glorietta 3, Marquee Mall, Abreeza, Rockwell Power Plant, Shangri-La: Jackass Skateshop; Lokal Hero Skateshop; and Urban Athletics – Greenbelt 3.


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Supra Aids and Invades the Streets of Manila