Sun, Surf and Savasana: Summer Made Reinvigorating with Beach Yoga

I was told that I should change my fitness routine every so often to avoid the dreaded “plateau” of the desired results. I used to be into sports (track, volleyball, bowling, running) during my younger days. Three years ago, I tried yoga with a friend and fell instantly in love with it. Then, I tried crossfit – only to surrender to the idea that it is not for everyone (especially for a 40-something). Late last year, I signed up for 360, which, I surprisingly also loved.

After trying all of these different forms of exercise, I decided that yoga would be the one routine that I could keep. It’s the one exercise that makes me feel physically, mentally, and dare I say, spiritually sound. For people like me who keep a stressful job and an active social and family life at the same time, yoga is the ultimate balancing routine.

I recently joined a small group of 10 for a weekend of yoga that a young group called Sereia arranged at Crystal Beach in Zambales. I have to admit I was intimidated at first, especially since I’m not really that flexible. Half-jokingly, I told my friend who recruited me that if the poses get too extreme, I would walk out of the mat and go for a swim (as if I could) in the beach instead.

Sereia sunset yoga

Our first class was at sunset very close to the seashore. Our yogi was kind enough to keep the movements basic at first. I guess we did well enough for her to weave in some ashtanga and vinyasa into the flow. I surprised myself, keeping with the flow of movements as the soft sound of the waves helped relax my muscles and focus on the correct poses.

Near the end, as I laid down on the mat by the sand and turned my head toward the horizon, I saw the orange sun wrapping up for the day. This, I told myself, is how each day should close from now on. Calm, quiet, reassuring. I straightened up, closed my eyes, took it all in. Savasana.

Sereia yoga sunset

Early the following morning, just before the sun yawned awake, I was first at the mat to sit and take a deep, long breath of the fresh morning air.

Yoga at sunrise is definitely invigorating. I love that it woke up my limbs one by one. Smoothly, gently, and not with a jolt from an alarm clock. And because it was not sudden, my mind felt relaxed – unoccupied by the week’s craziness.

Sereia yoga child's pose

Sure, I can get all the benefits of yoga wherever I take my practice. The beach, however, is a welcome change if only because of the ambient sound of the waves, the soothing breeze, and the soft feel of the sand under my hands and feet.

Sereia will be having its next two weekend sessions this month: May 21-22 and May 28-29, 2016. This time, it will be held at the Heleon Beach House in San Narciso, Zambales. Slots are limited, so it’s best to inquire now to have this rare chance to be part of a unique exhilarating experience. Did I mention we had beginners and first-timers to yoga who joined the group?

I’m going back for another weekend of yoga at the beach not just for a reinvigorating practice, but to meet new friends, as well. I highly suggest you do the same. Namaste.





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