10 Reasons Why I Love the Beach Even If I Can’t Swim

People look at me in a funny way when I tell them I can’t swim. Having Filipino blood (you know, islands everywhere!), most people tend to assume that I love swimming and frolicking in the ocean like most other Filipinos. Not me, though. Unfortunately, when my friends find out about this, I automatically get stricken out of their Beach Buddies List.

What you need to know, though, is that I love the beach as much as any other beach bum out there. Yes, even if I can’t swim. And since a lot of people ask me why I keep going to the beach despite this ‘handicap’, I decided to write an article on why a non-swimmer like me may have a love affair with the beach, even if we never swim in the ocean:

10 Reasons Why I Love the Beach Even If I Can’t Swim

10. The sound of the waves calms me down.

There is nothing like sitting at a beach, hearing the ocean waves and just taking a deep breath. The smell of the ocean in itself has this calming effect on me. Mix that with the sound of the waves crashing onto the sand and you’ve got the perfect recipe for peace and serenity.

Baluti Island Beach Party Quezon Beaches

9. I get to meet new people.

Many a time have I gone to the beach and watched my friends swim into deeper waters from the beach and many a time have I met random people that way. Most of them would ask why I don’t join my friends out in the water and after I explain my hydrophobia, they end up giving me tips on what else I can do around that area aside from swim. Those tips are what lead me to do things that end up making my beach trips ultra memorable.


8. It’s a great place to drink.

If you love drinking, in general, then it might not really matter where you drink as long as the company is great. However, drinking at the beach is a whole new experience entirely – with sand between your toes, a stunning view in front of you and the smell of the ocean wafting into your nostrils.

Baluti Island Beach Party Quezon Beaches

7. I can get cornrows and henna tattoos done.

Admit it: you can’t go anywhere in Manila with cornrows on and not get judged… or maybe that’s just me and my set of judgmental friends. But yes, I’m one of those people who loves getting cornrows done. And henna tattoos. If you’re into tattoos like me, henna tattoos happen to be a great way to gauge whether you can live with a certain tattoo design before you get it permanently done.


6. The food is something else.

I don’t know if seafood is actually fresher by the beach, but it somehow feels that way whenever I eat it on the beach. Is that just me? Actually, almost everything tastes better at the beach. And let’s not forget those delicious coconuts!!!


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