Tattoo 101: The Ultimate Guide to Your First Tattoo

Everyone is enjoying the heat this summer. Your friends are posting photos of them on the beach with henna tattoos or temporary tattoos on their skin. Your trip to Boracay may not even be complete without getting at least one ink on your visit.



Photo credits: Kristoffer Jay Gata, Boracay, 2011


Tattoo artists are all over the place but have you ever considered getting a real tattoo for good? Have you thought of marking your body for something or somebody so significant to you that you want it or them to be part of your body?


Photo credits: Kristoffer Jay Gata, Boracay, 2011


Here are a few things to consider before getting a tattoo:


Tattoo 101: The Ultimate Guide to Your First Tattoo


5.  Know your artist.

Look for an artist whose works match your style and taste for art. Looking at their online portfolio will save you time and show you their achievements in the field. You can never go wrong with an award-winning artist. It may be pricey, but you would not want to entrust your body with someone who has not established his name, would you? It is best to pay the artist a visit, so you can talk about your preferred design and budget. You can also check if your potential artist is a member of PHILTAG. Don’t hesitate to ask for your artist’s inputs and opinions, either. Mr. Daniel Torres is one award-winning artist from Quezon City.



Mr. Daniel Torres bagging awards in last year’s Dutdutan.


4.  Start small.

A tattoo lasts forever. (Wala kayang forever….buti pa tattoo.) You should think about your tattoo a thousand times and imagine it inked on your skin for the rest of your life. Starting small will not do you any harm. Give it a try with a small design and see how your skin takes it and how your body heals. Anyway, your artist can make it a bigger masterpiece whenever you want to if you end up liking it.



 Photo credits: Daniel Torres, Juan Love Tattoo


3.  Ask for feedback.

Asking someone who has tattoo will be a big help. You will be able to know what to expect during the tattoo session and during the healing process, as well as how to care for your tattoo after getting inked. It is also advisable that you bring your best bud with you unless you have the nerves to get it alone. Having someone to watch over the process is an especially good idea if the part of your body is somewhere you can’t see.



Photo credits: Daniel Torres, Juan Love Tattoo


2.  Make sure you can commit.

A tattoo is a lifelong commitment. It is not advisable to get a tattoo of your girlfriend/boyfriend (kasi nga walang forever!) unless you are planning to propose or are sure enough that he or she will be your lifelong partner. Once you have decided, talk to your chosen artist about your most convenient schedule to get inked. Getting inked for the first time might make you feel uneasy and uncomfortable, but the feeling will go away later on.



 Photo credits: Cover up work, Daniel Torres, Juan Love Tattoo


1.  Don’t do drugs or drink alcohol before the procedure.

Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol will do you no good.  Tattoo artists do not encourage this either, since your blood will be diluted when you are under the influence of alcohol. It will be a tough job for them. Plus, your skin may bleed like there’s no tomorrow.


Photo credits: Daniel Torres, Juan Love Tattoo


Here is a pain chart that you can refer to on deciding where to put your first tattoo. 




More of Mr. Daniel Torres’ works: 





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