Boracay Local Has a Message for Everyone Who Went to #LaBoracay

Boracay Local Has a Message for Everyone Who Went to #LaBoracay


The Labor Day weekend this year was a crazy series of parties, with most people going to Boracay for #LaBoracay . Indeed, the island was the place to be that weekend as revelers posted updates, photos, and videos of the endless parties on social media.

But one local of the legendary party place is not pleased. Koko N, who calls the island home, posted a message on Facebook saying how visitors “pollute and trash” the island. According to him:


We appreciate your patronage, and we are thankful for the good business you give us.

But no matter how much money you pour into the island, it gives no one any right to pollute and trash this paradise we call home.

We do our best to tolerate the drunken stupors, rowdy behavior, loud music, YOLO attitude, and all the craziness in between…

…what we DON’T tolerate and appreciate is the lack of concern and regard for our island environment and safety.


Last year, the Boracay All Stars Dragon Boat team did a post #LaBoracay beach clean up, and they collected so much trash from the beach, especially in areas where parties and events were held. They collected cigarette butts, plastic cups, beer bottles, food wrappers, and even condoms. But the worst thing they found? Broken glass. Lots and lots of broken glass.


People walk on the beach. Kids walk on the beach. Why the hell would you leave broken glass on the sand?!

One glass fragment I picked up, buried just an inch under the sand was three inches long!

Three inches of broken glass waiting to be stepped on.


To avoid this, he encourages event organizers to also be responsible after their event. He says that they should practice corporate social responsibility to the community by cleaning up after themselves.


If you can’t respect our island, our home, then you don’t respect us. And if you can’t respect us, then you are free to take your business and money elsewhere. 

Revenues may be lost, but Boracay will continue like it always did. And the island would again start calling to those who rightfully has a place in it’s shores – those who value and respect it, and care for it like their own.


In the post, Koko states that he’s ranting because he has one year old son who he wants to see Boracay the way he did before. He also wants the new generation to see the real beauty of the paradise, an island made famous by its natural wonder and amazing people.


What do you think of his post? Harsh or true? Share your thoughts in the comments below!