Summoners Unite for Rampage 2017: League of Legends’ Biggest Event Yet

Written by Christian Viñas
Photos by Fj Daniell Chua
Graphics by Verna Sevilla


A showcase of what’s new in the gaming technology, cosplayers flaunting their gear, band performances, lots of freebies for the attendees, a merchandise caravan, a star-studded charity game, and fans gathered to witness the finals of their beloved e-sport. Yes, it means only one thing: the league is here and Rampage has returned, bringing back its beloved amenities to their loyal fanbase.

On its 6th year, League of Legends’ event hasn’t failed to provide a good time for casual players, cosplayers, and hardcore gamers alike as #Rampage2017 kicked off another successful event for the attendees (aptly referred to as ‘Summoners’) to enjoy. While there are plenty of activities for the Summoners to choose from, we list down what #Rampage2017 had in store for us.

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Rampage 2017 10

Rampage started with a collegiate league game from TIP vs. UPLB, with UPLB gaining the upper hand and eventually winning the game. Known as the LoL Collegiate League, skilled gamers cheered for the respective teams.

The stage glowed up with a preview of the next part, which the crowd cheered for. The next band performance was introduced…

Rampage 2017 2

…and it was Mayonnaise! The vocalist, Monty Macalino, sang in front of the crowd who were all enjoying the stalls surrounding the venue.

To show support for their beloved game, crowd attendees wore LoL-inspired tees they amassed from past Rampage events and bought event-exclusive ones from the Merch Caravan, which is another event in itself as the goodies that are sold there differ every year. Flocking the caravan for limited edition ballers, shirts, and mousepads is a gamers delight, indeed.

Rampage 2017 1

Of course, Rampage wouldn’t be complete without the cosplayers bringing the League Champions to life. This year’s event brought the cosplayers delight because of the new activities.

Rampage 2017 9

Rampage 2017 3

rampage-2017-graphicA cosplayer wowed the crowd during his performance

Celebrity Showmatch II was an awaited portion of the eventplayers from the showmatch last year were now joined by newcomers. Gaming and showbiz personalities who played were Ashley Gosiengfiao, Emman Nimedez, Sam Concepcion, Eric “Eruption” Tai, Izzy Canillo, CJ Navato, Riot Spiffy, Sachzna Laparan, Sinio Cagasan, and Jack Reid.

Rampage 2017 7

Rampage 2017 5

The players were divided into two teams: Team Sapphire (SAPH) and Team Ruby (RUBY). Before the game even started, the crowd cheered as each player chose their respective character for the game. And all throughout the game, the crowd roared, laughed, and cheered as they watched the celebrity game for a cause.

Rampage 2017 6

In the end, Team Sapphire won over Ruby. The players exchanged friendly banter and thanked everyone who went to the event. An amount totaling in Php 69,000 will be donated to Hope in A Bottle and will be used to fund the building of public school classrooms.

The PGS Finals 2017 then went next on stage, living its promise and delivering an action-packed finals match. With a 500,000 cash prize and being the Philippine Representative in the Premier League of Garena this 2017, the teams clashed head-on for the prize and to be hailed as the new Champions of the PGS Finals 2017. The night was capped off with a major raffle.

It was another great year for League of Legends, Garena PH, Rampage, and especially the summoners! See you next year, gamers!