The Sugar-Free Bakery Has Rainbow Bagels, Keto Bibingka, and More

I started my fitness journey a few days ago because I started feeling heavy and lousy all the time. From being quarantined for so long, I found comfort in eating good food while at home. It didn’t help that I started cooking my meals and tried recreating the restaurant dishes that I missed which allowed me to eat the food that I like more. 

When I felt like I no longer liked what I was seeing in the mirror, I started working out hard with one simple fitness goal in mind: BE STRONGER AND HEALTHIER. Since I’ve been feeling a little better because of my consistent workouts, I decided to switch my entire lifestyle to a healthier one. Thank God different shops and restaurants are now offering healthy and guilt-free meals on their menus.

One particular shop that is changing the game big time when it comes to sugar-free baked goodies is The Sugar-Free Bakery. When I found out about The Sugar-Free Bakery, I knew there was no turning back from my road to a healthier me. Luckily, I got to try their specialties. Here are some of their must-tries:

Sugar-Free Rainbow Bagels (Php400)

These Pride-themed bagels are made with all-natural ingredients.

They’re sugar-free and guilt-free, making them the perfect breakfast for me.

Every order includes 3 pieces of the Rainbow Bagels and 100 grams of Homemade Sour Cream Cheese Chives Spread.

When it comes to flavor, it tastes like a regular chewy bagel that you can get from your favorite cafe. I tried it with the Homemade Sour Cream Cheese Chives Spread and it really completed the taste of the bread. You can even add some bacon and tomatoes if you feel like it.

Keto Bibingka with Salted Egg (Php300)

While I’m don’t plan on switching to a keto diet anytime soon, their sugar-free Keto Bibingka with Salted Egg is perfect for someone like me who loves sweets and can’t give up on them easily.

For a bakery-fresh experience, microwave the Keto Bibingka on high for 20 seconds and voila! You’ll have a freshly baked healthy bibingka perfect for your afternoon merienda. What I love the most about their bibingka is how it tastes homemade and heavy despite being healthy. It will make you feel energized and full the whole day with just one serving, too. 

Limited Edition Ensaymada (Php400)

This Limited Edition Ensaymada is one of my favorites from the bunch! It’s keto-friendly, diabetic-friendly, and of course, SUGAR-FREE! I love ensaymada so much, it’s actually my go-to bread whenever I go to coffee shops. However, because my family has a long history of diabetes, I have been closely monitoring my sugar intake to avoid getting the disease myself. Thank goodness I found The Sugar-Free Bakery’s ensaymada because it’s soft, cheesy, and healthy! I don’t have to worry about my sugar intake anymore, either.

Their Limited Edition Ensaymada comes in two flavors. You’ll get 3 pieces of Premium Sugar-Free Ube Ensaymada (limited edition) and 3 pieces of Classic Sugar-Free Ensaymada in one box.

Keto Almusal Bundle

Last but not least is their Keto Almusal Bundle. This set will make your breakfast healthier. This is The Sugar-Free Bakery’s first bundle in their sugar-free breakfast selections, which is comprised of Keto Pandesal and Keto Choco Hazelnut.

Of course, I won’t end this article without sharing my favorite spread. This is your normal Pandesal and Choco Hazelnut Spread – just made healthier.

The Sugar-Free Bakery’s Keto Choco Hazelnut Spread is basically like Ferrero Rocher disguised as a spread and melted in a 140g jar! I was shookt to the core by how it tasted when I first tried it out. I couldn’t believe it’s sugar-free!

Upon checking The Sugar-Free Bakery’s website, I found out that it’s also 100% keto-approved, gluten-free, low-carb, and diabetic-friendly. Whoever made this spread is an absolute genius. I will definitely be getting another bottle of this.

Honestly, after eating all of these baked goodies from The Sugar-Free Bakery, I have to say that I am super thankful to have found a shop like theirs. They made switching to a healthier lifestyle much easier and tolerable because of their amazing goodies. 

If you want to try the Sugar-Free Rainbow Bagels and Limited Edition Ensaymada, be sure to order now because they’re only available until June 30. Don’t forget to order the Keto Choco Hazelnut spread, as well, because it is a must-try! 

The Sugar-Free Bakery



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