This Movement Aims to Make Diabetes Prevention and Management Even More Affordable

FamilyDOC recently launched its advocacy campaign, D’BEAT Movement (D’BEAT), to promote diabetes prevention and management to more Filipinos.

D’BEAT aims to educate Filipinos on the management of Diabetes and its complications, and to advocate early detection, active and healthy lifestyle, and proper medical support through online promotions, and community lectures. FamilyDOC is also offering free blood sugar screening (RBS) across its 68-clinic network to encourage more people to take the first step in knowing their health status.


FamilyDOC General Manager Raymund Paul Darroca says that the advocacy campaign is FamilyDOC’s contribution to raise awareness on Diabetes.

“While Diabetes is now the 5th leading cause of death in the Philippines, we would like to inform everyone that the disease is preventable and manageable, through proper education, adherence to medication, and regular blood sugar monitoring,” Darroca says.

“As the community’s primary healthcare facility, it is our duty to ensure that we prevent diabetes as early as possible and provide quality care to those who have been diagnosed,” Darroca adds.

Diabetes Program 3

D’BEAT offers affordable programs and packages for both high-risk patients and diagnosed diabetic patients. The Diabetes Care Program (DCP) package, intended for diagnosed diabetes patients includes unlimited doctor consultation for a year, and quarterly laboratory examinations, which includes HBA1c, FBS, SGPT, Lipid Profile, and Creatinine. The package also includes discounts on diabetic wound care, rewards, and access to exclusive member activities, for P2,400.

On the other hand, a Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) package for high-risk diabetes patients can also be availed at FamilyDOC, which includes 6-month unlimited doctor consultation, and a set of laboratory test for P1,000.

Darroca said they are partnering with the local government, various diabetes support groups, and other companies that can provide additional benefits for DCP and DPP members.

For more information about DCP and DPP, visit FamilyDOC’s official Facebook page, FamilyDOCPh or call its customer service hotline at (02) 754-3131.