Rice Can Cause Diabetes?

We all love rice and more than that, we love unli-rice!

Rice is a staple food for most Asian countries, especially for the Philippines. Can you imagine eating your favorite adobo and sinigang without rice? I sure don’t. However, did you know that eating rice everyday could increase your risk of diabetes?

Diabetes is one of the things that many people are worried about, especially because of the way Filipinos consume sugar and salt. Most food items found in Philippine cuisine are rich in flavor, thanks to different condiments that could be bad if taken in excess.

According to the International Diabetes Federation, the Philippines is on the list of 22 countries with a high number of people with diabetes. That is over 159 million cases. By 2045, that number is expected rise to 183 million.


In 2017 alone, 3.721.900 cases were recorded in the country. The increasing number is linked to our daily consumption of white rice, which according to studies, increases the risk of diabetes by 11%.

A single serving of white rice has twice the number of carbs found in your favorite soda. Though it is noted that you consume carbs, they turn into sugar. Instead of being processed by the pancreas, the sugar is then absorbed in the blood, causing high blood sugar.


If there is damage to the pancreas, diabetes occurs. This is why many Filipinos are substituting brown rice to white rice or avoiding it entirely.

Do you love rice, too? Are you willing to give it up? Tell us in the comments section!

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