Balut, Isaw, Tuyo and More: Street Food na Pinasosyal at Chef Arch’s Lime

We all love street food, right? We even hosted the World Street Food Congress! Food like these are not hard to find in the Philippines. Every “kanto” has their own food stall we know and love. But if you have seen’s Balut video and you want to try those fancy baluts for yourself, then Lime is the place to be.

Lime is your friendly neighborhood restaurant that has been in business for quite a while already. They’ve already established a loyal following and you can actually see familiar faces every time you visit.

Street Food na Pinasosyal at Chef Arch's LimeBalut Laksa

If you haven’t tried Balut, this can be a good starting point. The balut in Balut Laksa is cooked in rich and creamy sauce that will make you forget that you are actually eating duck embryo.

Street Food na Pinasosyal at Chef Arch's LimeDeep Fried Balut

Another variation is the Deep Fried Balut which looks too delicious to pass. Personally, this one is quite easier to eat because you won’t see the little duckling.

Street Food na Pinasosyal at Chef Arch's LimeDinakdakan

Many people eat this as ‘ulam’ or ‘pulutan’ and I knew I had to try it. It is usually made with some pork skin, liver, and lungs, and is served sizzling. It actually tastes like sisig and I suggest you chop some chili to enhance the taste. You might want to order some beer too!

Street Food na Pinasosyal at Chef Arch's LimeStreet Style BBQ Platter

One of Lime’s best sellers is their BBQ Platter. It consists of chicken intestines (isaw), pork blood cubes (betamax), chicken feet (adidas), pork skin, and gizzard (baticolon). It’s served with sweet sauce and vinegar on the side. The sauces aren’t actually necessary anymore because the BBQ is very tasty on its own!

Street Food na Pinasosyal at Chef Arch's LimeQuail Eggs with Soy Mirin Sauce

This is your typical ‘kwek-kwek’ that you can buy on those stalls along the street, but better because it’s without the food coloring. The breading is already tasty and the sauces are just a little something to add.

Street Food na Pinasosyal at Chef Arch's LimeCreamy Garlic Tuyo Pasta

This is my personal favorite from lime because I tried Tuyo Pasta in different restaurants but nothing can live up to the one that lime has. It doesn’t have a stench and the creaminess of the sauce balances out the saltiness of the tuyo. The serving is pretty good too; it can feed two people.

Street Food na Pinasosyal at Chef Arch's Lime

If you are eating with your friends or drinking, Lime has a street style pizza that you have to try. It has different toppings including itlog na pula, tuyo, and many more. If you want something regular, their Four Cheese Pizza is a must try too!

Watch our experience trying some of Lime’s dishes in the video below!


Chef Arch’s Lime

160 San Rafael St. Mandaluyong City
Tel No.  +(02) 775 5428