Balut Is the “Absolute Strangest Food You Can Find In New York”

Balut Is the “Absolute Strangest Food You Can Find In New York”

The balut, a simple Pinoy delicacy of boiled developing duck embryo eaten off the shell, is gaining popularity in New York. A restaurant called Maharlika, owned by Filipino-American restaurateur Nicole Ponseca, is serving this delicacy in the Big Apple.

According to the Business Insider, the humble balut is the “absolute strangest food you can find in New York.”

From the video that they posted, it showed host Sydney Kramer hold a balut while saying, “While this looks like a normal hard-boiled egg, there’s more to it than meets the eye.”

Maharlika owner Ponseca said that the balut is “a great source of protein,” and added that “some say it’s an aphrodisiac.”

She taught Kramer how to eat the balut properly — find the fat round side of the egg and crack the top, slurp the broth, and eat the yolk and the duck embryo.

Kramer said she enjoyed eating it. She even said that the broth is just like a strong chicken stock and the yolk is like custard.

She did not pass on the duck embryo. She said it tasted like chicken liver .

After trying it herself, she brought a few for her colleagues at the Business Insider. A team of its writers were given a surprise when they were asked to try balut. Mixed reactions were obtained from doing this. However, most of them thought of it as a strange snack.

One of those who have tried was even iffy of cracking the balut open, thinking bugs might crawl out of it.

Another one said eating balut felt like being on Fear Factor.

Another co-worker said, “I feel like I want to rinse my mouth now.” 

You can watch the full video below.

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Balut Is the “Absolute Strangest Food You Can Find In New York”

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