Stream Your Favorite Movies, TV Shows, and Music on your Phone — Even Without WiFi!

Smart Prepaid Big Bytes 50

Let’s all be honest. This is the digital age and half of us would go crazy if we had to go through days without wifi connection. And if you’re outside the city, traveling with friends perhaps, places with stable wifi connection is not really that easy to come by. But what about your favorite shows that you have to watch right away, right?? And imagine a five-hour roadtrip without crazy, good music from your online playlist.

Well, the gods have heard your pleas. The country’s leader in innovation have come up with a way to keep folks connected no matter where they are, with wifi or not. Have entertainment everywhere you go with the upgraded Smart Prepaid’s Big Bytes 50. It’s bigger. Better. Bolder.

Smart Prepaid Big Bytes 50

Before, Big Bytes 50 only offered 300 MB open internet access, 500 MB streaming and Spinnr access, and 100 MB access to YouTube or Skype Qik. But now, for only 50 pesos, subscribers to Smart Prepaid’s Big Bytes 50 can get up to a total of 950 MB of access to social networking, internet, iFlix, Fox, and Spinnr.

That’s 350 MB of open internet access, 600 MB access to iFlix, FOX, and Spinnr, plus a 3-day subscription to FOX (via Viewstream). And that’s only for 50 pesos. For 3 days. That’s truly a great deal.

Bastille Live in ManilaBastille live in Manila, Smart Spinnr Experience. Photo by Magic Liwanag.

For 350 MB of open access, you can freely surf the internet, keep track of your social media sites, and even play and battle in Clash of Clans! So much you can do. On the other hand, with the 600 MB access to iFlix, FOX, and Spinnr, you can keep up-to-date with your favorite FOX TV shows, stream your favorite movies through iFlix whenever you want it, and listen to your awesome playlists via Spinnr wherever you are.

Ready to live the Smart Life? Dial *121# to register and subscribe to #SmartBigBytes.

Smart Prepaid Big Bytes 50

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