3 Simple but Major Ways You Can Achieve a Smart Life

Living in the 21st century has presented so many perks. Technology has brought people’s lives to another level, from the little things we do like the way we watch TV, listen to music, and to the big things like being halfway across the world from your loved ones but staying and feeling close to them, nonetheless, thanks to digital communication.

Everyday, we reap the benefits of having technology literally inside our pockets no matter where we go, that even the dull moments—like waiting for friends who seem to be constantly late, or a long, silent road trip, or perhaps simply missing distant family—now don’t have to be unbearable at all.

Many people are now living a Smart Life, and here are 3 simple ways you can, too:


1. Bring Entertainment Everywhere

Bastille Live in ManilaBastille Spinnr Experience

Music on the go

Because who doesn’t love music? Better yet, music that’s up to date with a wide selection of various genres. Anytime. Anywhere.

If that sounds appealing to you, we recommend you download Spinnr, a music streaming service where you can download music and create playlists according to your taste. These playlists are saved online, which means you can access them whenever, whether on your smartphone or on your laptop.


Never be bored again

Someone once told me if you want to spend forever with someone, take them with you to EDSA. We’re all no stranger to that–grueling traffic on rush hours. How do you usually pass the time (that seem to take forever)?

Thousands and thousands of apps are available in the Play Store and the App Store for your smartphone and tab. That, I think, is one of the most perfect ways to unwind after a stressful day at work while waiting to get home. Games? E-books? Video and photo editing tools? Everything you can possibly need to spend your idle time smartly, you can now get.

Watch hysterical Dubsmash videos maybe. Or better yet, record one yourself.


Your favorite shows and movies, anytime

The only way to beat those annoying series spoilers online is to beat them to watching the damn episodes first. How, exactly? Never miss an episode with these apps:

IFLIX– Love How I Met Your Mother? How about The Big Bang Theory? Or Modern Family? Have all these shows and more with the power of one click. iflix is a video-on-demand service that lets you watch movies and TV shows in multiple platforms wherever you are, for as low as Php 99 a month. Go to www.smart.com.ph/smartlife to learn more.

FOX – Enjoy nine new live broadcast channels like FOX Sports and National Geographic Channel from Fox International through your mobile, accessible whenever you need it! It’s like having cable in your mobile, really. Sound great?  Head on to www.smart.com.ph/viewstream for more info.

No more boring hours at the airport waiting for your flight, amirite? 


2. Experience Convenience Everywhere


Information in one click

Perhaps you’re like me. I Google everything. I can spend hours on online reading various articles—from news, to entertainment, to music, to travel. Reading can be quite therapeutic, plus, it keeps you in the loop, you know? What are the Kardashians up to now, anyway?


Transactions made faster and easier

One thing comes to mind—Charge2Phone. Also called C2P, this is the country’s first sticker-based NFC contactless payment solution. Yes, daily payment process should and can be THAT easy. This is 2015, after all! Learn more here: www.charge2phone.com


Apps for the #SmartLife

There’s one for every possible need. Road directions? There’s Waze. A convenient ride? Uber it. Travel recommendations? Looloo app! Lookng for a job? Jobstreet has your back.  

Live the #SmartLife, and live life on the go. Convenience. Convenience everywhere.


3. Have Peace of Mind Everywhere

Smart Life Fam Cam #SmartLife Entertainment Everywhere Convenience Everywhere Peace of Mind Everywhere

Family comes first

Distance is only physics. You don’t have to be apart from loved ones just because you are away. Brought by Smart and PLDT Home, there’s now Fam Cam, a home camera  that provides live footage of your home on your mobile for when you are away. Never again miss a precious moment with your kids.


Let them know you’re always going to be there for them

Staying connected to friends and family is the epitome of entertainment, convenience, and peace of mind everywhere, all rolled into one. This is one big aspect of living a #SmartLife. With apps like Skype, Instagram, Snapchat, and features like text messaging, and calls, there are so many ways now to always have your presence felt for people who will surely appreciate it.



Digital users of nowadays are a new wave of generation living a life of efficiency—having entertainment, convenience, and peace of mind everywhere. Live life’s full potential by living the #SmartLife. Visit www.smart.com.ph/pages/smartlife for more.