Steph Curry Brought Smiles and Made Dreams Come True in Manila

The first Friday of September this year may have just been an ordinary day to many. For basketball fans, however, especially Golden State Warriors supporters, it was an extraordinary day of excitement and one that we won’t forget. It was the day 3-time NBA World Champion and 2-time Most Valuable Player Steph Curry visited the country for the second time.

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What I admire about Steph Curry the most is not his exceptional basketball skills, but how he walks and practices his faith in the Lord on and off the court. I look up to how he always praises God, and follows His word as he hones his craft in the basketball court. Steph has indeed changed the game of basketball, inspiring many to perfect their 3-point shots, which is one of his many great assets.

During his Asia tour this year, Manila was Steph’s first stop before heading to Wuhan and Tokyo. The champion wasted no time when he arrived in Manila where he graced the country with his presence throughout his entire trip. He was scheduled to workout, meet the media, appear at the Under Armour 3×3 show at the Mall of Asia Arena, head to Titan to commence the release of his new signature shoes, and last but not least, appear at the opening day of the most premiere collegiate league in the country, the UAAP.

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During the media press conference, which I got the opportunity to attend, the 5-time NBA All Star was greeted with one big serving of Manila’s famous halo halo. The Warriors guard mentioned that it’s the perfect post-workout meal and seemed to liked the dessert.

Steph was very open about sharing his milestones and experiences in the NBA, as well as the memories he made in Manila during his last visit. I got the chance to ask the superstar about what his proudest moment has been so far as an NBA player. Like what majority say, there’s nothing like winning your first NBA championship because that’s extra special.

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After the media conference, Steph headed to the Mall of Asia Arena where he was awaited by his fans. Everyone gathered at the arena got the chance to see the champion himself when he awarded the winners of this year’s Under Armour 3×3 champions, played against the performers and our very own professional basketball players, and even played with his dad Dell Curry, who was here with his son.

During the skills challenge, believe it or not, Steph lost to PBA superstar PJ Simon in an obstacle challenge which Simon said was a dream come true. The Currys teamed up and went against Willie Miller and his son where Steph and Dell came out victorious in the shootout.

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The cherry on top of Steph’s grand show at the Mall of Asia Arena was when he danced Drake’s “In My Feelings” or what is known as the In My Feelings challenge. Steph wowed many with his dance moves and gave his fans more to cheer for. The next day, Curry was at the same venue, but this time to lead the UAAP oath taking for the players participating in this year’s tournament. Nothing like opening the league in a grand way!

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Ultimately, Steph’s visit here in Manila may have been short; but he did bring in a lot of smiles, made dreams come true (for fans that got to meet and play with him), and joy to the Filipinos. After all, it’s not everyday we get to see today’s best shooter in the country making it rain from downtown.