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When working in Manila, it’s easy to be trapped in the clutches of a 9-5 job. Emails can pile up by the hour, meetings can extend past their end times, and the sacred 1-hour lunch is usually condensed to 30-minutes at a fast food joint. It’s a sad reality sometimes because it’s hard to keep true to New Year resolutions of being healthy when time constraints are apparent.

Fortunately enough, there are meal delivery programs such as Step One MNL that help reduce the discomfort of an already stressful workweek. 

Step One MNL

 Step One MNL is one of the go-to meal delivery services because they offer fresh and delicious meals straight to their customers. 

Step One MNL snacks

Now when they say fresh, they mean it. I’m one to blatantly show my respect and admiration for brands that know the importance of having only the freshest of ingredients. With that said, all of the salads I received from Step One MNL were absolutely delightful because they both looked and tasted amazing. The color of a vibrant yellow looked beautiful atop the leafy greens, which was then topped with shredded radicchio and crab meat. 

Step One MNL dishes

Step One MNL’s packages are composed of the following: 1 large meal, 1 regular meal, and 2 snacks. Initially, I was a little wary seeing this on paper, but I was completely floored when the meals are arrived. The snacks alone would make me full for a good 3 hours, and the meals were heavy to the point that sometimes I wouldn’t even be able to finish one because I’d be too full.

Step One MNL food

Costs per packages are as follows: 1 day: P799; 3 days: P2,299; 5 days: P3,599

Although a little pricey to some, I honestly do believe that the dishes are worth the price. I’ve tried other meal delivery services before and the difference in taste alone is already something to take note of.

A meal delivery purchase from Step One MNL is proof that eating healthy need not be a boring affair. The dishes are jam-packed with flavor and are tasty enough to have fellow officemates ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ during lunchtime.  

Step One Meals

Stressful weekdays should never be used as a reason to go crazy on fast food. Especially not when there are meal delivery programs like Step One MNL that will help you get set on your new lifestyle of healthy eating. 

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