Stage Mom? Kris Aquino Lets Josh Get Botox

Stage Mom? Kris Aquino Lets Josh Get Botox

Stage Mom Kris Aquino Lets Josh Get Botox.

This is not something you’d want your mom to announce on national TV. But if your mom is Kris Aquino, you can expect nothing to be off-limits.

On an episode of KrisTV, Kris revealed that she let her 19 year old son get Botox injections to stop excessive sweating.

She told her co-hosts, “Oh my God, nagwo-work talaga ‘yung Botox sa kili-kili kay Josh. It really stopped. And it really helped Josh dati ang dami niyang sweat stains. Now his kili-kili is not pawis-pawis anymore.” (Oh my God, Josh’s Botox injections worked. It really stopped. And it really helped Josh because he has a lot of sweat stains. Now his armpits aren’t sweaty anymore.


Botox is a kind of injection used to temporarily freeze muscles. It’s popular among older people who want to get rid of wrinkles.

There’s a special place for mothers who refer to their 19 year old sons’ armpits as pawis-pawis (literally sweaty-sweaty). For Kris Aquino, it’s a morning show, millions in endorsement deals, and billboards and commercials. If only we were so lucky.

Watch the whole video below!

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Stage Mom? Kris Aquino Lets Josh Get Botox