Spice & Cleaver: Where Meat-Lovers Come and Play!

Written by: Isaiah Emmanuel Suguitan ll
Photos by: Waldo Katigbak
Graphics by: Arvin Chavez ll
Videography by: Janelle Franchesca Domalanta

At the heart of Capitol Commons in the city of Pasig, lies a playground where meat-lovers go and devour some of the best meats in town. Spice and Cleaver, being a European-inspired restaurant, serves some of the best sausages, steaks, and everything meat that you’d want to come back for!Spice and Cleaever-62

Established in 2015, the dream of the three Jose Brothers (DJ Jose, Martin Jose, Chef Quito Jose) and Chef Jose Migs was to create a place for cultured carnivores. After two years, Spice & Cleaver continues to be one of the places that pop up in people’s minds when they want good meat!Spice and Cleaever-61

Spice and Cleaver (2)

According to one of the founders, Chef Jose Migs, “Here in Spice & Cleaver, you can expect our sausages to be 100% pure. No additives, no extenders and no preservatives. We really make our products by hand and you can expect great food, big servings, and a great overall experience!”

Here are some of Spice & Cleaver’s best-sellers. A fair warning, some of these dishes might make you believe in love at first sight.

Spice and Cleaver - 1st - Sizzling Sisig with Poached Egg (2)

Sizzling Sisig with Poached Egg – (Php 280)

Filipinos’ all-time favorite hangover dish is made creative by also turning it into a sausage. To keep the basics, it is served in a sizzling plate and topped with a poached egg. With a dish like this, one serving is definitely not enough!

Spice and Cleaver - 2nd - Caesar Salad with Prawns (1)

Caesar Salad – (Php 310) / with Prawns – (Php 410)

You may be asking, why is there salad? Well, everyone needs greens to balance with all the protein! Fresh romaine lettuce, crispy bacon, toasted herb croutons, and juicy prawns are tossed in a creamy and garlic anchovy dressing.

Spice and Cleaver - 3rd - Kelbasa and Italian (1)

Kelbasa Sausage (Red) and Italian Sausage (White) – Php 300 (1 pc)/Php 560 (2 pcs)

A bite of these sausages would teleport your taste buds to Europe! The one on the left is an Eastern European sausage smoked to perfection. On the right is a pork sausage stuffed with fennel and garlic. They are both served with a generous serving of mashed potatoes and sauerkraut.

Spice and Cleaver - 4th - Debreziner (1)

Debreziner – Php 300 (1 pc)/Php 560 (2 pcs)

Another one of Spice & Cleaver’s masterpieces! This Traditional Hungarian Beef and Pork Sausage is smoked ’til it reaches a distinctly rich and deep aroma and flavor. Mashed potatoes and sauerkraut are served on the side.

Spice and Cleaver - 5th - Nürnberger Rostwurst (2)

Nürnberger Rostwurst – Php 320 (4 pcs)/ Php 480 (6 pcs)/ Php 680 (10 pcs)

They may look small in picture, but they pack a huge burst of flavor! This sausage is the #1 in the charts of grilled pork sausages in Germany. A bite of this would definitely give you a German feel. It is served with a generous serving of mashed potatoes and sauerkraut.

Spice and Cleaver - 6th - Taco Puffiza (3)

Taco Puffiza – (Php 450)

What’s better than pizza and puff pastry? A Puffiza! This hybrid consists of the classic pizza placed over a puff pastry dough. The one served to us was the all-time best seller. Puff pastry is bedded with tomato sauce, taco meat, shredded romaine, and Mexican salsa which result to a smile after each bite.

Spice and Cleaver - 7th - Wild Mushroom Tartuffo (1)

Wild Mushroom Tartuffo – (Php 380)/ with Prawns (Php 480)

Who doesn’t love a restaurant with pasta? This dish, Wild Mushroom Tartuffo, consists of seasonal mushrooms that are cooked in a truffle cream sauce. For sure, you’d want to have this dish near your plate since it’s simply irresistible!

Spice and Cleaver - 8th - Southern Fried Chicken with Puto Corn Bread (3)

Southern Fried Chicken with Puto Corn Bread – (Php 495)

Besides their diverse range of sausages and steaks, Spice & Cleaver also takes pride in their fried chicken. This chicken will definitely make you come back here! Served with a side of a phenomenal puto corn bread, this dish is a true mix of cultures and flavors. It is also served with a bowl of salad, pepper gravy, and honey jalapeños as sides. 

Inside Tips: 

  • You can substitute your mashed potatoes and sauerkraut with rice and fries, if you prefer.
  • Since it is Spice & Cleaver’s anniversary month, you may buy up to three (3) additional sausages for only Php 100 pesos each! This is only applicable if you order the 2-pc sausage of any variant.

Come out and play in this meat lover’s haven in Pasig! Come to Spice & Cleaver!

Spice and Cleaver Graphics

Spice & Cleaver

Unit B1 North Wing Lower Level Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons Meralco Ave. cor. Shaw Blvd., Pasig City
For Reservations: 703 0237/656 8607
Facebook: www.facebook.com/SpiceandCleaver/
Instagram: @spiceandcleaver