Sony Bravia Triluminos – See What You Have Been Missing

When in Manila, what is the most important factor you need to consider in buying a new TV?  It’s picture quality of course!  And by quality, it means producing the most realistic pictures on your screens.

An hour flight away from Manila is a haven of colors – Boracay.  Where the sky is blue (most of the time), and gets cotton-candy like by sunset, the red hearts of passionate party people, and the green scenery all through out.  Boracay is the perfect place to launch a product that gives the promise of giving the most realistic pictures as much as possible.  

The colorful Boracay Sunset that matches Sony Bravia’s appetite for color!


Sunset cocktails at the Shangri-la Boracay Resort and Spa


Boracay’s Palette of Colors – Launch of Sony Bravia’s latest line


Mr Yasushi Asaoka, President and Managing Director, Sony Philippines opening remarks

Mr Yasushi Asaoka, President and Managing Director, Sony Philippines


Triluminos Display Technology The new line features Sony’s proprietary TRILUMINOS™ Display technology, which captures the power of color and clarity in pictures for a truly immersive experience. The new line-up will start being available in stores this April, with the TRILUMINOS™ Display lines arriving in June. This is on top of the 4K X-Reality Pro picture engine that Sony recently launched as well.  4K is the new HD.  It’s high definition TV resolution in steroids!  Partner that with the Triluminos Display technology and you will get an amazing viewing experience!

The TRILUMINOS™ Display provides a heightened sense of depth to images, showcasing colors as they should be. This next-generation back-lit technology expands the gamut of viewable colors, reproducing natural shades for a more vivid, richer, and more intense range that’s as close to reality as television gets.   

The 4K X-Reality Pro picture engine shows more natural detail and sharpness four times that of a Full HD TV, as pictures from any source are analyzed, cleaned, and refined. Just like seeing real life, a natural depth of field can be enjoyed with the latest Reality Creation database and Super Resolution processing, regardless whether you are watching in 2D or 3D.  

Larry Secreto, Director for Sales and Marketing Sony Philippines


Larry enlightened us with the latest Triluminos technology with the new Sony Bravia line.  If you can see the triangle diagram above, the entire palette show the colors the human eyes can see.  The inner triangle in blue, shows the colors that you will see with the usual TV.  The red trianble encompasses a broader scope of colors – and that is what the Triluminos display gives you!   It’s a color revolution that will change the way you view television forever. You will never know what have been missing until you see the possibilities of color detail, hues, shades, tints, and variations brought to life on screen.

  Television Lines to be Launched

– X9004A, featuring both TRILUMINOS™ Display and the 4K X-Reality Pro picture engine;

– W954A/904A, which uses TRILUMINOS™ and the X-Reality Pro;

– W804A/704A/654A/674A running on X-Reality Pro;

– and the R550A with the Clear Resolution Enhancer.

Get the flash player here:

Thank you Sony for the Music Sony started out in the music industry.  Since then, we know how much the brand has evolved.  Going back to their roots, Sony focuses not only on quality pictures for their Television lines, but they also thought about making better the sound quality of flat sreens. They also have recently introduced their Magnetic Fluid Speakers.

Sony staff from Japan explaining the advantages of using Magnetic Fluid Speakers


With superlative sound utilizing the unique-to-Sony Magnetic Fluid Speaker, rich bass from the Long Duct Speaker, or an ultra-slim form on the Bass Reflex Box Speaker, each model has the best sound to match the best picture quality. From signal to final sound, it delivers an experience that matches the realism of the images.


I wish I could capture how I experienced the difference between Sony’s magnetic fluid speakers to those of the ordinary flat TV ones, but I think it’s best to experience it yourself.   One-Touch Mirroring technology  This cool feature allows for a magical experience you and your friends/family can share together.  With one “tap” on the mirror device, you can wirelessly view your smartphone’s screen on TV.  You can browse through the internet, view slideshow of photos and videos and even play games. Truly integrated TV watching, select models combine the capabilities of your hand-held devices onto the big screen. 

Browsing images on mobile phone.  The photo above was taken before the launch, during group activities.

Despite the phone resolution of the images, the Bravia screen’s technology enhances it, removes noise and sharpens images.



NFC-enabled Xperia™ phones Wirelessly connect your smartphone or tablet and use phone apps, share music, browse the Internet, Skype™ with friends, and control your television right from your device.  Almost anyone can use this feature because most of us have smartphones in our pockets!  


It was a great event in general, showcasing very promising products.  Congratulations Sony!



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