Solstice Roof Deck Party: Buddha Bar Hosts Its First Event of the Year

For food enthusiasts, you probably know Buddha Bar merely as a Modern Asian restaurant-bar-lounge. They opened way back in 2012 and have been consistently serving quality food and good music throughout the years; but just recently, they’ve been cooking up something new for the millennials: party events!IMG 3724

Whether it’s from a stressful week at work or a draining one at school, partying from time to time can be a good way to let loose and boost up your mood again. The hype for this kind of social events inspired Buddha Bar to host parties of their own at both their roof deck and, also, their indoor lounge for customers to enjoy a different side of the restaurant—more casual and upbeat than the usual sophisticated and upscale mood that it embodies. 

 IMG 3704

Most of Buddha Bar’s events are held at Buddha Bar’s roof deck. In this venue, you’re free to enjoy a spacious and well-designed area with good drinks and awesome beats overlooking the sunset and skyline. It’s aesthetically-pleasing which people would surely love as they party the night away.

IMG 3709

To kick off this new venture, Buddha Bar held their first event called ‘Solstice‘ last May 26, 2018. The party was Moroccan-inspired and thanks to the Bohemian props all over, it was like partying in an urban paradise. They invited DJs PillowTalkAliNep, and Brandon Jon to make everything come alive.  IMG 3711

As for the food and drinks served that night, they had a special buy 1 take 1 menu available, so the guests were really in for a treat. Take a look at what we ordered:  IMG 3738

Their Pink Lady and Salmon Flakes Volcano Maki is part of the special buy 1 take 1 menu. If you’re a fan of Japanese food, this delicious creation is the perfect bar chow for you. Buddha Bar specializes in Asian food, so you can bet that their selection of sushi will be well worth your money.  IMG 3770

Feeling fancy? Their Cream Cheese Caviar is the best choice for your wine night (or cocktails—whatever floats your boat!).  You’ll get an ample amount of crostini to be dipped in an oh-so-creamy cheese sauce topped with lumpfish caviar. IMG 3767

Our personal favorite among all of the bar chow is the Curry Quesadilla. Their play on cuisine fusion is so creative, you won’t expect this flavor to be turned into a quesadilla! The cheese inside this Mexican favorite with salsa on the side matches the spices of the curry incredibly well. Believe me: this one is a must-try!  IMG 3729

Buddha Bar has a wide array of drinks for you to choose from, too From cocktails to sakes to wine to beers—you name it, they’ve got it!  IMG 3762

We tried their Blycheeto, which is essentially lychee juice mixed with rum, syrup, and soda then garnished with some mint leaves. Its refreshing sweetness and menthol flavor will make you want to drink it to the last drop, but the alcohol will kick in sooner than you think! This Blycheeto bowl is good for two people. 

 (Don’t know what to wear for a party? You might get inspired by this OOTD list!)

Buddha Bar organizes events every once in a while, so make sure to follow them for updates on their next shindig. With great DJ sets and affordable food and drink promos, you can be sure that’s it’s going to be a night you’ll truly enjoy!

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