SOLB: Powerbanks You Can Charge Under the Sun

Don’t you just hate it when your phone’s battery gets drained all of a sudden? When you need to make an important call, text your friends for impromptu gimmicks, or send emails to your boss, an empty batt can really get in the way of the activities you have to do during the day. Thanks to modern-day technology, though, chargers on-the-go were invented, thus making it more convenient for us. Powerbanks were born and life has never been the same again.


SOLB Solar Powerbank 2


For frequent travelers (hi there, wanderlust!), powerbanks have become essential. For long trips on the road, on the ocean, or on plane, they should definitely be included in your list of must-brings. At times, however, powerbanks, like anything else, can also run low on energy. With no outlets to plug it in, what can you do? Try this: look for a powerbank that you can charge anytime anywhere! Wondering if it’s possible? My answer, my dear reader, is this:

SOLB Solar Powerbank 3

Nowadays, impossible is a thing in the past. Yes, it is now possible to get a solar powerbank. Enter SOLB – a solar-powered powerbank that you can charge not just under the sun, but also under fluorescent light, making it perfect for the upcoming summer!

You now can enjoy your travels and do your phone activities without having to worry about your phone’s energy running low. Plus, SOLB Powerbanks come in hybrid leather cases in different colors: cream, black, tan, brown, cyan and rose pink. This means they’re not just very helpful, but they also look stylish wherever you bring them!

SOLB Solar Powerbank 1

They comes with different adapters, too, so whatever type of phone you may have, you can charge it with SOLB Powerbank!

SOLB is a partner of Solar Power Initiative (SPIN) Project, a non-governmental organization that provides solar-powered e-learning/e-library centers for children across the different communities in the Philippines that have been affected by recent typhoons. By purchasing SOLB, you do not just help the environment, but also the children. A win-win, indeed.

Prices range from P1,400-P1500. Think of this as a good investment. It’s cute, it’s handy, it’s environment-friendly and it comes with a cause. What’s not to love? With their tagline, “A pocket full of sunshine,” even summer or not, cheer up with SOLB Powerbank.




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