Top 10 Hottest Gimmick Spots at Quezon City (Part 1)

When in Manila, it’s Quezon City Day! QC peeps are rejoicing since there are no classes and offices today (woohoo!) What better way to commemorate this day than to recommend the best that Quezon City has to offer!


10. UP-Ayala Technohub

– The UP-Ayala Technohub is an upscale, commercialized area in QC that serves as a place for techno-investing and leisure. A lot of college students and degree holders work here for call center companies. There are also training firms that serve as stepping grounds for engineering students and graduates. But if you simply want a place to unwind, you can also go here since they have retail shops and restaurants to cater to your needs.



9. UP Academic Oval

– The vast UP Oval is a perfect hotspot for morning (and afternoon) joggers, brisk walkers, and bikers alike. The place is surrounded by trees so you’re well-shaded and the ambience makes you feel close to nature. Drop by often; you might catch some “Zorro” along the way lol.

Ahh… UP Oval, brings back memories. Winking smile


Giginhawa ka talaga! LOL (Photo credit:

8. Maginhawa Street, Teacher’s Village

– Tired of trying to fit in to those discriminating upscale restaurants? Then head over to Maginhawa Street and feel welcomed with open arms! The whole strip features dining places and artsy-fartsy joints that are as casual as they can get. You can go there in your regular t-shirt, jeans, and tattered flip-flops (go in your pajamas if you must lol) and you won’t feel out of place at all! (Plus, you won’t have to worry much about leaving with empty pockets lol!





7. Cubao X

– Are you a hipster? (LOL what a ridiculous question) If you think you belong to some stereotype (or not), take a dive into the extraordinary with Cubao X. This cool strip houses not only quaint music bars but also specialty stores such as anime, retro, arts and crafts, photography, and a whole lot more.




6. La Mesa Ecopark Fairview

– Want to treat your whole family on a weekend? Bring them to La Mesa Ecopark right at the heart of Fairview. For only Php 40 for adults (Php 20 if you present a valid ID), you can enjoy the beauty of nature though activities such as fishing, biking, swimming, picnic, boating and a whole lot more. Just bring plenty of extra money if you want to maximize your stay at the area.



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There you have it, I’ve given you a roundup of the hottest gimmick spots in QC from numbers 10-6. But before I proceed with the Top 5, I’ll leave you with this song from an all-girl OPM band Duster and it’s called “QC Girls”. This music video is dedicated to all the QC girls, gheys, and gentlemen who love them! (And yes, that’s Saab Magalona you’re seeing below!)