Snowmaiden: A Russian Tale Told Through Mesmerizing Acrobatics

Since Russian shows aren’t that commonplace on the Manila stage, events company D’Ultimate Talent and Entertainment Corp. decided to educate the audience on Russian culture through a new and exciting experience: acrobatics.

D’Ultimate Talent and Entertainment Corp. brings a classic Russian tale called the Snowmaiden to the Manila stage – a love story about an ice princess who meets a prince in another part of the world. They realize they can never be together because the Snowmaiden will melt whenever she feels warm. 4

The story is beautiful, but the highlight of the show is much more than that. The group recruited several performers to make the Snowmaiden exhilarating. D’Ultimate Talent and Entertainment Corp. managed to recruit two Russian aerial artists for a graceful and precise world-class act that mesmerizes the whole crowd from the air.  


Aside from the Russian loveteam, there are also other performances that we can proudly call our own, and which definitely add color and intensity to the whole show. 

Rhyzza the Songbird

Rhyzza the Songbird acts as both talent and host for the show. Her big voice definitely gives the show flavor as she serenades and engages with the audience. She sings “Rather Be” by Jess Glyne as her finale, which deserved a standing ovation. 

The Flag Dancers

This group consists of professional dancers born and raised in Quezon City. Their talent has already gained the attention of many and, since then, they have gotten to be part of numerous shows around the Metro. They make use of flags as their main props whenever they give a special number. 

Bryan the Sand Master and Angel the Hula-Hoop Queen 12

These two performers gave a different kind of thrill to the audience. Bryan, dubbed as the Sand Master, showcased an amazing sand art show, while Angel, deemed as the Hula Hoop Queen, showcased her prowess with the hoops and gracefully swung them around different parts of her body simultaneously!  

The Velasco Brothers


The Velasco Brothers were flipping—literally! Following in the footsteps of their father who joined the circus, they honed their skills in acrobatics and carried on as a circus dance act. Their moves are definitely groovy, added with incredible balance and body-lifting as they flip across the stage and even on each other! 

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The Far East Acrobat 


The Far East Acrobat is the act that made me close my eyes while watching them. Their performance was 100% safe, but it was still dare-defying enough to make me squeal in terror as they swung to and from above the ground.   5

Amazingly, the Far East Acrobat is a family of acrobats who lived in Angeles, Pampanga. If your Sunday involves a day out in the park, theirs probably involves climbing high areas and swinging to their heart’s content! The most memorable performance they did was when one of the siblings placed a pole on his shoulder, and another sibling CLIMBED the pole and did some stunts on it. How they did that? I will never know (and I do not want to know!). 

Fun fact: all of them (aside from The Flag Dancers and the Velasco Brothers) were once a part of Talentadong Pinoy, a reality TV talent show here in the Philippines. Far East Acrobat won in the first season and Rhyzza the Songbird was a wildcard contender. The Velasco Brothers alternatively joined Pilipinas Got Talent and snatched third place in the first season; they also reached the semi-final round in Asia’s Got Talent. 

Now, if you want to experience this redefined type of storytelling, it’s not too late! You can still catch them at SM North Edsa Sky Dome this January 2018. Bring your kids and hold on to your seats as you enjoy breathtaking performances. 

Snowmaiden: A Russian Love Story

SM North Edsa, Sky Dome, Epifanio de los Santos Ave, Bago Bantay, Quezon City 

Tickets available at all SM Cinema Ticket Booths


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