Snow White and the Huntsman Movie Review

Snow White Poster e1338864610865When in Manila and looking for a great movie, then consider watching Snow White and the Huntsman. Firstly I’d like to offer my gratitude to the generous people at Nuffnang for sponsoring When In Manilla for this event. If you’re a blogger with an Asia specific audience consider Nuffnang your advertising go-to.


From what I can tell this is the fourth rendition of the popular fairy tale Snow White brought to the world’s attention by the Grim Brothers. You can read more about the previous films by clicking following links: First Film, Second Film, and Third Film. In stark contrast to the silent first film, Snow White and the Huntsman is loud and full of screams, roars, and a terrific soundtrack. This isn’t a movie you’ll sleep through and if you try you’ll surely be awakened by the jolting screams belting from the Queen’s throat.


Snow White and the Huntsman is a visual masterpiece which reminded me of Lord of the Rings. Charlize Theron did a excellent job playing Ravenna the evil soul-sucking Queen and the film animators performed excellently in transforming her back and forth from young and gorgeous to old and haggard as she tries to maintain her beauty. Aside from the Queen’s imagery the Dark Forest was made exceptionally dark and creepy and is quite a treat to see. The Queen’s brother Finn, played by Sam Spruell, initially seemed meek but later proves his ruthlessness and fighting prowess. Queen e1338865414180The scenes containing the dwarves are fun and enjoyable however it’s a shame we don’t learn their names. I guess the filmmakers deemed these short fellas of secondary importance to the unfolding of the story. They do, however, accompany the queen and her army in the final battle. The best scene of all contained the troll. Animated to perfection and freakishly large this monstrosity has one hell of a roar and I imagine some very bad breathe. The scene will have you alert and paying attention as you watch the Princess and the Huntsman fight and evade the beast in a scary battle.


When In Manila and craving a movie you should watch Snow White and the Huntsman.  This modern version definitely puts the classic in a new perspective without butchering the plot.  Over all Snow White and the Huntsman is sinister, brutal, and dark.  I wouldn’t recommend taking a toddler to it and perhaps not even a teenager. For those familiar with the basic story line you will be surprised by a few elements. Off the top of my head the imagery is more realistic, there are sexual references, two lovers, and dead dwarf. The movie was a pleasure to see and I wouldn’t mind seeing it again.  Snow White and the Huntsman was made for adult audience looking for a modern version of the classic Snow White.  If you like violence, an occasional laugh, and warm yet predictable ending this movie is for you.












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