Sister Secrets: Getting Empowered Women Together

From being a model, live streaming host, celebrity radio dj, columnist, soon to be actress, and now an entrepreneur, Karen Bordador has now opened the soon to be biggest female based online community in the Philippines.

Despite being very popular in the men’s world, she is now ready to conquer the female world. With her love for everything beautiful, she would like to share all her secrets that fellow women should know through Sister Secrets.

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As modern day women, we put so much work in balancing out work, family, and friends; and we do it all while looking effortlessly stylish and chic. But we could always learn more about others’ success stories and learning experiences, and that is why Karen came up with Sister Secrets together with powerful women from different industries. This community will not just share good bargains, but also good tips and tricks into battling our daily challenges.

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Sister Secrets: Getting Empowered Women Together is a community of like-minded girls and preferably one of the girliest sites that girls and girls-at-heart will ever see! We love things that are of good quality, but are still stylish, on trend, and just oh-so feminine! We exist to look for such items, and deliver them here at the website, at our sisters convenience; and best of all, at very affordable prices.


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Lots of secrets to come your way! | Sister Secrets: Getting Empowered Women Together


Sister Secrets’ vision is to be the biggest and long-lasting female community in the web. To be a home to our sisters who want to create, share and have access to the best products that are always stylish and most appealing.

And our mission is to find wonderful discoveries for the most stylish and practical products and provide access to them for our sisters.

Sister Secrets is also giving away different awesome stuff on their different social media platforms to give back to every sister who is and who will be a part of the community.

One great thing about Sisters Secrets is that if you are a girl and you got a secret to share, you can share it at our website and help other sisters with the daily dilemmas that they encounter. Prettifying oneself while helping other sisters at the same time, only Sister Secrets can offer that to every girl and girl-at-heart out there!

Take note, powerful women in the fashion and beauty industry will be a part of Sister Secrets. That’s why you got to watch out who they are and what secret are they going to reveal.

In our efforts to serve our sisters, we shall endeavor to explore and unearth more and more secrets that every woman should know on December 2013!

To get a hint of the secret, you may like Sister Secrets on facebook at or you may follow us on twitter and instagram at @sistersecretsph.  



Sister Secrets: Getting Empowered Women Together