Silhouette Eyewear now in the Philippines!

Silhouette Eyewear now in the Philippines!

When in Manila and looking for trendy eyeglasses, try out the ones at Silhouette Eyewear!

I’ve been wearing glasses for almost five years and every ten months I change my eyeglasses. I can say that looking for an eyeglass that will go with the trend and will give me a clear vision can be hard to find. Now, fashion meets efficiency with Silhouette Eyewear.


Silhouette Eyewear is the world’s first rimless frame design introducing the TITAN MINIMAL ART.  They have made it a point that it’s screw less and hinge less making it as 1.8 grams light! This eyewear really is getting the job done! They have been in the industry ever since 1964, so you’re really sure that they are trusted when it comes to eyewear.

Silhouette Eyewear, now the most lightweight eyewear in the world is manufactured under Silhouette in Austria with a fine specification in detail, high level of craftsmanship, unique design, using the very best materials and the latest technologies! It is also exported to 100 countries worldwide.





Silhouette Eyewear became the official eyewear of NASA. Mr. Mark Polansky, a former astronaut in NASA shared his experiences with us where made me and the people in the launch believe that they do deserve to be called the number one eyewear in the world. He has shared that with the three lead expeditions outside earth that he made and several backups, never did Silhouette fell off of his face. He also shared that every morning when he wakes up, he puts on his eye glasses and takes it off when he’s about to sleep again.

That is how light Silhouette is, you’d never really feel that you’re wearing it!


Mr. Mark Polansky – NASA ASTRONAUT

When in Manila, you really have to try and experience how light Silhouette Eyewear is. I’m really looking forward in getting one. If you’re already tired pushing your glasses back through your nose bridge just to get where it should be, then it’s time for you to replace your glasses with Silhouette Eyewear!  With the Silhouette Eyewear you’ll never be tired again, because you won’t even feel that you need to push back something.

So when in Manila and looking for fashionable lightweight glasses, go and get Silhouette Eyewear at your nearest optical shop today!


Mr. Mark Polansky and Me.

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Silhouette Eyewear now in the Philippines!


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