“Silent Swim” by AB Paredes at Nectar Restaurant’s “Synesthesia”


When in Manila and looking to explore your senses, my favorite stop would be Nectar Restaurant.






A while back, I had the pleasure of coming to an exhibit in Nectar during their soft open stage (read more here). This was where I learned about Nectar’s concept: how the restaurant is centered around food and wine pairings, aiming to let everyone appreciate the wonders of vino.






Having enjoyed my last visit there, I grabbed the opportunity to go to another exhibit they were having.






“Synesthesia”, as Robert Joseph, Nectar’s owner and manager, explained to us, is a condition where the senses are intertwined. The very few people affected, for example, would be able to taste colors, or hear numbers.


That night, I walked into the same posh restaurant and I could hear the excited chatter of people who came to experience the exhibit.










In AB Paredes’ first solo exhibit entitled Silent Swim”, she showcases a set of beautiful paintings on wood. The natural grain and texture of the wood, combined with her brushstrokes and vivid colors compose these pieces and form these most elegant paintings.










In a concept that’s fairly new, at least here in the Philippines, each piece is carefully paired with a wine that captures the whole look and feel of the painting. A gustatory interpretation through wine, a whole new way to experience art.






The exhibit has become not only a feast for the eyes, but also for the palette, in an experience that I could say is the closest I’ve ever been to synesthesia.


Silent Swim will be up for a few more weeks at Nectar Restaurant, which is now open to everyone.




With Nectar’s Robert Joseph



With none other than the artist herself, AB Paredes


When In Manila, be sure to experience how art is consumed in a way unlike ever before at “Silent Swim” by AB Paredes, hosted by Nectar Restaurant.






Silent Swim by AB Paredes




Nectar Restaurant

Ground Floor, Concorde Building, 200 Salcedo Street corner Benavidez Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City