Pinwheel’s “An Abstract Love Story” by Niño Hernandez at Nectar Restaurant


When In Manila, its very easy to get lost in the hustle bustle of the city and the monotonous everyday cycle of the metro. Having spent virtually all my life traipsing around the city, I believe that every now and then we really should let loose and indulge our senses.


Enter Pinwheel Productions, an art PR/events management team. In so many words, Pinwheel’s Patricia Malay explained to me that art need not be something foreign and unreachable, that it can be, and should be appreciated by everyone. This being the group’s goal, their exhibits are often showcased at restaurants where hopefully people enjoy consuming art, as much as they revel in the food.


Pinwheel has been bringing art to people through a series of exhibits, including one that I decided to visit. 




An Abstract Love Story is a solo exhibit by Niño Hernandez.


Niño believes that art is a dialogue, and his art has a story to tell. The message? His love and relationship with God. He tells me that he thinks this as his duty to the world: to send this message through his works. In his words, it is “a responsibility to share what I have”.






“The approach I took with my works, specifically the use of color drips and washed paint to eliminate detailed separation of colors or lines reflect the purpose of Christ’s blood in our lives—to wash away the sins and even our past selves.”

(Niño Hernandez, 2011)










Niño Hernandez is an art teacher and is also a known musician in the local scene. He has also participated in several group shows since 2001, with his last solo exhibit, 2009.


The 10 canvasses of this exhibit will be on display until December 30, 2011.






The event was held in Makati’s Nectar, a posh new restaurant whose menu is built around wine and what goes well with it.







Nectar has the perfect balance of comfort and sophistication.


Robert Joseph, manager and owner,  tells me that wine is also called “the nectar of the gods”, this is how the restaurant got its name.


And, since wine can be very baffling for some, Nectar’s menu offers a wide wine selection and suggestions for wine pairing that makes the notion of wine drinking undaunting, even for the clueless.










The exhibit was well attended on its first night. The atmosphere was lively, with excited chatter fueled by wine. 


When people say “art exhibit” or “wine”, you usually think of snooty people in snobbish, elitist events. This exhibit has truly succeeded to be nothing of the sort. I was surprised at how friendly everyone was, how light the mood was. Not the uptight gallery shows we’d usually associate with these things. 


Anyone, and everyone is most welcome. 








This is not your usual night out. It was a night of art, wine, and food, pleasing the senses, cultivating the mind, and uplifting spirits. I believe we’re all entitled to this experience.


When In Manila, be sure to catch Niño Hernandez’ An Abstract Love Story at Nectar Restaurant.







An Abstract Love Story by Niño Hernandez

Nectar Restaurant

November 11, 2011- December 30, 2011





Niño Hernandez




+632 6244871



Nectar Restaurant

Ground Floor, Concorde Building, 200 Salcedo Street corner Benavidez Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City




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